What Is Pop Pilates? How To Become a POP Pilates Instructor?

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Over 7 million people around the world enjoy doing POP Pilates. Explore the 6-steps process of becoming a POP Pilates instructor and starting your own Pilates business

POP Pilates is one of the latest types of Pilates that’s getting popular like wildfire these days. Let’s explore what is POP Pilates and how to become a POP Pilates instructor.

What is Pop Pilates

A spiced-up version of Pilates, POP Pilates is a full-body workout, which is more like choreographed dancing on the mat with upbeat music. It is a flexibility and strength workout that you can practice using nothing but your own body weight and a mat. POP Pilates will have you flow from one exercise to another rhythmically and will give you a dance-like vibe.

This type of Pilates got known as POP Pilates because it includes pop music and faster movements. It was developed by Cassey Ho. Just like any other Pilates type, POP Pilates also focuses on core engagement and breathing.

Benefits of POP Pilates

POP Pilates involves highly-focused movements that will provide the following benefits.

  • Improves posture
  • Includes a lot of stretching that will increase your flexibility
  • Strengthens your core, glute, legs, and abdomen
  • Classes are slow-paced but will keep you moving
  • Relieves back and joint aches
  • Boosts energy levels and helps you feel rejuvenated
  • Gives you toned muscles

What’s Included in POP Pilates?

A full POP Pilates classes are about 55 minutes, and these classes include 13 tracks, as follows. There is a 20-second break between each track. Here are some examples of POP Pilates exercises.

  1. Total-body opener – Includes big flowing movements and you will mostly practice standing up
  2. The Hundreds – The classical Pilates mat workout
  3. Butt challenge – Includes glute bridges, squats, heel kicks, butt lift, fire hydrants, etc.
  4. Ab challenge – Includes roll-up, leg lift, crunches, ankle reaches, etc.
  5. Crazy cardio – Improves cardiovascular fitness
  6. Obliques – Includes crisscrosses and strengthens your back and improves posture
  7. Kick-butt cardio – Jump training aerobic exercises

POP Pilates music: Top 40 Pop Pilates Music

How To Become a POP Pilates Instructor?

There are 6 main steps you should be aware of in order to become a POP Pilates instructor and start earning from it.

Step 1: Get POP Pilates Certification

You can get POP Pilates training and a certificate from poppilateslife.com.

Here are the main points you should know about the POP Pilates certificate.

  • Cost: $299/ one-time expense. Non-refundable.
  • Validity: You’ll get an international POP Pilates certificate which you can use to teach Pop Pilates anywhere on the globe. There’s no expiration date specified.
  • Virtual training: This is a virtual training program and there’s no in-person coaching option available.
  • Contents: Your subscription includes all these.
    • Instructor Manual
    • 14 videos covering manual items
    • 40 videos covering POP Pilates techniques and exercises.
    • Choreography sessions
  • Live support: You’ll live classes and FAQ sessions with Cassey Ho, and Jackelyn Ho.
  • Time duration: You must complete the entire POP Pilates training in 3 months from the date of purchase and appear on the test.  
  • Exam: You must appear on the POP Pilates test and upload your video performing the steps as per the test instructions. You’ll get a POP Pilates certificate only if you pass the test and your evaluator find the video satisfactory.

Offer your Pilates Training Online and In-Person

Getting the POP Pilates certificate is just the first step to becoming an instructor. You must follow the below steps to get clients.

Step 2: Get a website or a webpage on a third-party platform

 Website: You need to buy hosting and domain name to start with. If you’re a techie, you can build your own website with codes and website builders or use WordPress’s themes and plugins to build one. Or, you can hire a computer programmer to make a website. This is an expensive option.

Webpage on a third-party platform: Use platforms like Yottled to have a customized webpage with your brand color, logo, and images. It is free.

Step 3: Integrate scheduling, booking, and payment facility on your webpage

Once you get a website or webpage, you need to install software on it that offers the following features.

Scheduler: A digital calendar that shows your availability.

Booking page: A platform where clients can view your availability and book your POP Pilates sessions, group or in-person.

Payment processor: The clients can pay online and get automatic invoices/receipts.

Automatic reminder: The software must be able to send automatic reminders to all the attendees to reduce the no-shows and churn.

Yottled is one of the most powerful software for this purpose, which supports individual Pilates instructors and studios. Yottled is free for businesses. It includes all the above features and many other facilities like unlimited contact forms, email marketing tools, social media integration, and more. Plus a complimentary webpage!

Step 4: Get yourself listed on POP Pilates Life

Once you have the online presence and the booking tools, get yourself listed on https://www.poppilateslife.com/virtual-classes. This platform will directly lead your customers to your webpage or booking page.

The disadvantage of this platform is that you will be among thousands of other POP Pilates instructors and it will be challenging for you to get found in the clutter. You need other marketing efforts, too.

Step 5: Use marketing techniques to get more clients

Social media: It’s a no-brainer to say you need to upload POP Pilates training videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to get popularity and build a pool of followers.

Organize live sessions: You can organize live POP Pilates sessions, 1:1 virtual training, and group sessions using Zoom, Google Meets, or any other platform. If you’re using Yottled software, you can create such sessions within seconds.

Step 6: Offer in-person POP Pilates training

Start collaborating with local fitness centers and gyms first. Offer their existing members POP Pilates sessions for free or at a nominal cost. It would be an add-on service for those fitness centers. They might ask you a revenue-sharing also. Once you get popularity, you can offer group POP Pilates classes at your home, or a rented place. Later on, you can start your own POP Pilates studio but it can be a high-investment step. So, make sure you have followed all the above steps and built a decent client base before opening a POP Pilates studio.

POP Pilates – FAQs

Is POP Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

When it comes to losing weight, you need to remember that this workout will help in losing weight when you start becoming mindful of your diet. While POP Pilates alone may not help you lose weight, it will help in weight loss when you add it to your daily workout routine along with other cardio exercises. However, practicing POP Pilates will help you keep your body healthy and maintain a healthy weight.

Is POP Pilates for all types of people?

Yes, POP Pilates is for everyone; you can practice it irrespective of your age. POP Pilates can be modified to meet every individual’s needs and it can be less intense or more intense. This form of exercise will help you stay in shape. So, whether you are looking to lose weight, stay in shape, strengthen your core, or just looking to try a new form of exercise, POP Pilates is an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle.

Final Word

At the end of your POP Pilates practice, you will definitely feel amazing. POP Pilates which keeps you moving rhythmically, is a fun way to workout. The best thing about POP Pilates is that you can practice it anywhere as it is a mat-based exercise for which all you need is a mat and no other equipment. This fun exercise will help you get in shape while dancing to your favorite tunes.

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