What’s The Biggest Challenge for Most Businesses When Going Online?

What's The Biggest Challenge for Most Businesses When Going Online?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to (consider) moving online. It sounds like a daunting task. Let’s talk about the biggest challenges for most business moving online and how to put action plans in place to avoid the pitfalls.

You’re used to keeping track of customers in a spreadsheet, accepting cash and check payments, and getting those precious customer referrals. You may have even tried a product before that claimed to be easy to help you move online. Then after you signed up, you realized “easy” really meant “tech genius required”. We’ll walk you through what to do to avoid the biggest challenges for most businesses when going online

1. Not Doing Anything

Overwhelmingly the biggest challenge that most businesses have when going online is not getting started. They perceive so much to do or they tried something in the past that was hard, they assume they’ll never be able to move online. Rest assured, you can do it and you will do it. Your business will move online.

2. Trying to do Everything at Once

Okay…you’ve now decided to get started with your business going online. You start to think about payment processing, a client relationship management tool, a website, and you’re now back at square one of not doing anything.

Take a breath and set small goals. We advocate for an all-in-one platform that will help scale with you as you grow. It’s easy to add things on so you’re not constantly searching for new tools, rather you have everything you need in one place when you’re ready to take advantage of them.

3. Using More Tools Than Necessary

Ever used a website builder like WordPress or Wix? Seems easy to get started…then you start and you realize you need a plugin for forms. Don’t forget about connecting it to your email campaign builder. Before you know it, you’re paying someone to manage your website, connecting it to your social accounts, and more. It shouldn’t be this hard or cost this much, should it?

No. It should not.

What’s happened is you fell into a trap of not looking for other platforms to solve these very real, hard problems. There are delightful, all-in-one tools that can do everything in one place to help you manage your business, client communications, and more – all online.

What now?

Get started. Don’t wait. Waiting is the biggest challenge for most business when going online. Find a platform that fits your needs. We know, you’re busy, but you’ll be glad you got the ball rolling. You’ll be saving hours per week and making more money with the right platform.

Still wondering how that’s possible? Because you’ll be offloading time consuming tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and more to a product so you can focus on things that matter, delighting your customers.

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Trevor is the co-founder of Yottled. Trevor was the VP of Product at Crisp, ran a product team at Duo Security, and has built and contributed to many other successful and failed start ups. He focuses on enabling and delighting users.

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