Ultimate Guide on Yoga Logo Ideas, Designs, and Free Resources

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Starting a yoga studio or a virtual yoga business? Here is your guide on creating a beautiful yoga logo for your brand for free

Your logo speaks more than you imagine. If you’re looking to make an attractive yoga studio logo but not sure where to start, you’re at the right place. Gone are the days when you have to pay thousands of $$$ to designers to make a logo. Nowadays, there are some efficient online DIY logo makers available that you can use to make a beautiful yoga brand logo for free or at a little cost.

In this article, we will explore

  • 7 Online Platforms to Create Yoga Logos: Free and paid plans
  • 5 Yoga Studio Logo Ideas

7 Online Platforms to Create Yoga Logos

Use these online yoga logo makers to make your own yoga studio logo without any designing skills or expertise in arts. In all options, you’ll get a prebuilt template but you must make enough modifications to make your yoga logo design unique.

We have personally tried 20 online logo makers and shortlisted 7 for you.

1) Adobe

Let’s start with the beast of the industry. Adobe’s logo maker is our first choice because it is truly free, and fast. Registration or account creation is not mandatory.

The best part is that the logo resolution is much better than other free platforms.

All you need to do is write down your industry, business name, and slogan (if any). Then select font styles, icons, and designs. Once you like a design, instantly download it. If you want to customize it further and make it unique, you need to register. It is highly advisable to create an account to access more beautiful templates and customized them efficiently.

Adobe Cost

Free: Get one JPG image and 3 PNG images of different sizes. The resolution is clear. No watermark.

$9.99/month: Premium font, features, and designs for logos. Plus, other creative perks like stock images, storage, and more.

Yoga logos made with Adobe free account

Note: Peace yoga is a dummy brand name we have used to create yoga logos for this article.

yoga studio logo,
Yoga logo,
yoga logo ideas
Free yoga studio logo designs created using Adobe logo maker.

2) Hatchful

This is our second favorite option in terms of the yoga logo designs collection and the first choice for the free yoga logo program. Hatchful is Shopify’s free logo-making service.

Pros: The best part of Hatchful is that you’ll get a free logo with excellent resolution, and also customized and ready-to-use logos for all the social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. No cropping and editing are required.

Cons: The disadvantage of Hatchful is the very limited choice of logos compared to all other platforms. It is preferable for those who want a simple ready-to-use free logo and upload it on various platforms without going through pesky editing, cropping, and resizing process.

Hatchful cost:

100% Free: Account registration is required, though.

Yoga studio logo made with Hatchful
Yoga brand logos ideas. Free logos created using Hatchful.

3) Canva

Canva logo maker has the best yoga studio logo designs compared to all other platforms. If you have a budget, you can go for it blindfolded. It has three types of pricing options. Free, free with a watermark or one-time purchase, and Pro plan, which is a yearly Canva subscription.

Canva price

Free without the watermark: Some of the beautiful designs are available for free and without a watermark.

On-time payment or free logo with watermark: Price varies for each logo. You can still download them for free but these yoga logos will come with a watermark. Obviously, you can’t use it for business purposes.

$119/year for Pro account: Includes all Canva benefits along with a logo. Millions of pre-built designs, resolution for social media profiles, stock images, and much more.

yoga studio logo, yoga class logo,
Yoga logo designs created using a free Canva account

4) FreeLogoDesigns

Freelogodesign.org provides you with free basic logos for your yoga studios with its 30+ categories of prebuilt logos templates. Once you select a logo template, customize font colors, and sizes, add additional text, and even combine two logos to make a unique design.

FreeLogoDesigns cost

Free: 200 x 200 pixels low-resolution logo. Submit your email address and the logo will be sent to your email address.

$39.99: 5000 x 5000 pixels high-resolution logo in PDF, JPG files, and Vector SVG

$69.99: email signatures, custom logo sizes and resolution for each social media channel, post-purchase changes, and more.

Example of free yoga brand logos created using FreeLogoDesigns platform.

free yoga logos, yoga studio logo
Free yoga logo ideas for yoga studios and classes. Logos are created using FreeLogoDesigns

5) LogoMaker

logomaker.com is also one of the freemium logo maker platforms. Once you customize your logo, you’ll be asked to register and led to the pricing page.

Not a good option for free logo finders. We have included it in our article because it has the best yoga logo with poses compared to other platforms. So, if you have a $40 budget and want to have a yoga pose logo, LogoMaker is a wise choice.

LogoMaker cost

Free: Low-resolution logo with one size. However, downloading the free logo is a complicated process. Not recommended one.

$40: Vector design files in .svg, and .eps format. Black and white version of the logo.

Other paid swags like Tshirts, business cards, caps, etc. are also available at additional cost.

Free yoga logo ideas. Logos created on LogoMaker.com

6) SmallSEOtools

SmallSEOtools’s logo maker works in the same way as other platforms stated above. Once you create your logo and customized it, you can download your yoga logo in PNG, JPG, and PDF format.

SmallSEOtools Cost

Free: No account registration is needed. The PDF has better resolution than JPG and PNG format. However, the image resolution is questionable and you won’t like to use it directly on your website. This is a preferable option if you just want to provide a rough outline to your designer about your yoga studio logo preferences.

yoga logo, free yoga business logo, yoga studio logo
Yoga business logo designs made using SmallSEOtools

7) Looka

Just like all the above platforms, Looka also has a self-starter yoga logo maker platform. It asks you for details of your yoga studio, and your logo preferences for style and colors. You can add a slogan or subtitle, too. Once you fill out these details, you’ll get various yoga designs. Choose one, customize it as per your preferences, and make it unique.

Once you complete the modification process and start to download it, you’ll be asked to choose a payment package. It has creative designs for yoga brand logos but there’s no free option.

Yoga logo cost in Looka

One-time Purchase

$20 for one PNG file.

$65 for multiple high-resolution file types, unlimited post-purchase changes, and more

Yearly Purchase

Two packages: $96/ year and $192/year. You’ll get other designs for business cards, email signatures, letterheads, invoices, etc. Also, get ready-to-use logos for social media profiles so you don’t have to manually adjust pixels and image sizes.

5 Yoga Logo Ideas for Studios

Now that you know which are the best online platforms for creating your yoga logo, the million-dollar question is how to choose a unique design. Here are some creative ideas to keep in mind while designing your yoga brand logo.

1.      Yoga Pose Logo

The most obvious choice. Choose a yoga pose that indicates the values like flexibility, ease of body movement, and better body shape. These types of designs are highly suitable if you’re providing power yoga or any high-intensity yoga techniques for weight loss and muscle toning. logomaker.com and SmallSEOtools have some of the best yoga pose logo designs.

For example,

Free Yoga pose logo created using Canva

2. Logo for Peace and Meditation-Oriented Yoga

If you’re offering yoga that emphasizes various meditation techniques to get peace of mind, attain relaxation, and reduce stress-anxiety, have a yoga studio logo that indicates the serenity. Adobe and FreeLogoDesigns have some of the best meditation-oriented free yoga logo designs. For example,


meditation yoga logo, yoga logo ideas
Yoga logo examples for meditation centers

3. Yoga Logo with A Flower or Natural Elements

Yoga is developed in ancient times by yogis with the goal of liberating the spirit and attaining optimal mental health along with getting better physical health. That’s why, unlike other exercises like cardio, weight lifting, aerobics, and Zumba, which give you a sort of artificial exercise ambiance and experience, Yoga gives more natural vibes.

Include a flower or natural elements like the sun or drew in the yoga studio logo to indicate refreshing nature connection and purity. For example,

free yoga logo
Yoga logo designs with flowers

4.      Just Name, Initials, and Abstract Object in Yoga Logos

Use a simple shape and write down your yoga studio name to create something non-complicated but attention-grabbing and easy to remember for clients. Here are some examples.

You need to be highly careful here, though. Choose a font and colors in a way that they look completely unique. Also, register your logo for a trademark if it is too easy for someone to copy it.

yoga brand logos, free yoga logo
Simple yoga logo design ideas

5.      Yoga Logo Idea for Showing Overall Wellness

You can choose any yoga logo that indicates wellness and good health. These types of logos are suitable for any healthcare and fitness-related businesses. Here are some examples,

yoga logo ideas,
yoga logo design
Examples of yoga studio logos

Final Words on Yoga Logo Ideas

For creating a yoga studio logo, people generally hire a graphic designer but it’s an expensive option, especially when you’re new in the business and have a tight budget. Also, finding the right designer is also a challenging step. Fortunately, you can create beautiful designs for your yoga brand for free or at a low cost. You can use platforms like Adobe, Hatchful, FreeLogoDesigns, Canva, Logo Maker, SmallSEOtools, and Looka for this purpose.

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