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Amanda K. Fitness

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Yottled for Small Business

Yottled is the fastest way to bring your business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders. It can be used in multiple ways to run your small business, particularly if your business is includes content and services. To give you some ideas of ways business owners can use the simple but flexible Yottled platform to schedule appointments, host live events, list content, and keep in touch with their clients, we are highlighting some of our users who have used our tools in creative ways to serve their customers. 

Switching To Teaching Online Classes Overnight

“When the pandemic hit, I wasn’t able to teach in person. I had been teaching five yoga classes a week,” says Amanda Warner of Amanda K. Fitness. “I thought it was temporary, so I was looking at how to teach online for a while. I tried Facebook and Instagram Live. Then I realized unless I was ready to throw in the towel on yoga, I needed to teach online.”

Warner says she needed a website, Zoom or another streaming video conferencing service, a way to process credit card payments, and some way of keeping records of payments. She found Yottled through word of mouth, and it saved her a lot of anxiety.

“My favorite feature is how easy it is to accept payments integrated with Stripe,” Warner says. “I don’t have to think about payments. Before I was anxious a lot, figuring out how to take payments, fees, and do record keeping. With Yottled, I have direct deposit through Stripe.”

Yottled’s Use Case for Online Classes

Warner says she is still teaching four to five classes per week, but since she has a baby she’s not available 24/7. “I’m excited to record a class and people can take it whenever they want,” she says of an upcoming feature on the Yottled platform. 

Will she stick with online teaching or go back to in person as soon as possible? “It’s been really great,” Warner says. “Now that stuff is moving back to in person, I’m looking forward to some aspects but love the idea of teaching remotely more.”

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