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BCM Spa’s Super Easy Migration to Yottled: No Employee Training Required

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Mia Shaughnessy is an entrepreneur who successfully runs Balance Composure Massage and Spa (BCM Spa). She shifted her business management software from MassageBook to Yottled. Here’s the summary of her experience with Yottled.

  • Ease of migration: It was straightforward and simple to migrate all her customers and appointments in less than 24 hours. Yottled was there to support her every step.

  • No employee training needed: BCM Spa’s all 6 employees found Yottled intuitive and uncomplicated. They made the change without any additional training. 

  • Revenue increase: BCM Spa’s revenue grew by 72% in one year due to the seamless booking process Yottled provided to clients, the elimination of payment processing fees, no more subscription fees to MassageBook, and a significant reduction in cancellations and no-shows.

  • Customer support: Mia continues to be delighted by Yottled’s quick and friendly customer support via text, phone, and email.  

Balance Composure Massage’s Migration Story 

“We offer various types of services such as spas, massages, facials, waxing, spray tanning, brow tinting, and lash lifting. We were using MassageBook, which my employees and I found complicated.”

When Trevor approached me and shared Yottled’s demo, I was astonished to see how simple backend management software can be. Yet, I was nervous thinking about all the migration hassles and employees’ resistance to change to new software,” says Mia Shaughnessy, founder, and owner of Balance Composure Massage. 

Yottled handled the entire migration in less than 24 hours. 

My employees didn’t need any heavy training. They adapted to Yottled in less than 1 hour. The staff found Yottled easier than MassageBook,” added Mia. 

Saving Employees Time

Mia’s employees saved time in three ways:

  1. No more long hours dealing with complicated backend technology for administrative tasks.

  2. No more logging in to check the appointments. Yottled links everything to Google calendar, which they can easily check schedules from mobile and email.

  3. No more uncomfortable clients calling to book an appointment on the phone when they struggled to register via MassageBook. 

  4. Yottled eliminates the entire account creation step. Booking requests via phone have been tremendously reduced. Saving employees time in their busy day.  

Spontaneous Customer Care

"With Yottled, there is always someone to talk to via text, email, or phone – a huge change from my previous software. I wanted customization like adding gift cards which they were not supporting at that time. I also needed to export all my scheduled appointments transferred to their platform on an immediate basis. The team got everything done for me without any extra cost! That’s what I call a start-up spirit”, added Mia joyfully. 

Dropped Cancellation Rates

Mia told Yottled’s team that many people book online for free and later call to cancel the bookings right before the appointment. Some clients don’t even show up! No-shows and cancellations hurt her business and wasted employees’ time. Booking for a last-minute cancellation or no-show is a long shot and a hassle. 

“Yottled enabled me to take the entire payment in advance and determine the cancellation terms and conditions. For example, I kept conditions like 0% refunds if customers cancel before 12 hours of the appointment, and 50% refund if they cancel 48 hours before the appointment. This feature drastically reduced the no-show scenarios and the cancellation rate”.

Revenue Increase

Mia’s yearly revenue grew by 72%. Yottled’s unique features made that possible. 

Here are the reasons for the revenue growth.

  • The hassle-free booking experience for clients.

  • Reduction in cancellations and no-shows due to the advanced payments, deposits, and custom cancellation policies facility. 

  • Elimination of the payment processing fees.

  • No monthly subscription fees to MassageBook.

  • Higher attendance rates since Yottled automated notifications & reminders.

Customized Contact Forms for Wellness Industry

Mia also wanted a lengthy customized form for open-ended questions like the client’s emergency contact name and number, existing health conditions, and medications they are taking. 

Plus, she needed check boxes for accepting her terms and conditions. Yottled made that happen. These forms are one of the core requirements in the wellness business before scheduling an appointment. “Creating detailed registration forms with Yottled was easy and fast. I can add an unlimited number of customized forms for free. It’s an amazing feature!” added Mia enthusiastically

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