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Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Replaced Vagaro With Yottled And Added $25.5k Extra In Their Profits

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Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge is offering high-quality lash, brow, and skincare services in Ladson and Summerville. They shifted from Vagaro to Yottled due to pain points such as Vagaro’s crowded marketplace, the pesky registration process at the time of booking a service, and expensive add-ons. Here’s how their experience so far. 

  • Increased profits by approx. $2k/month by getting rid of payment processing fees. 

  • Eliminated $250/month Vagaro’s subscription fees by switching to Yottled’s free platform.

  • Got freedom from Vagaro’s marketplace, which helped them with customer retention. 

  • Received positive reviews from customers for a quicker and more convenient booking experience.

Carolina Eye Candy Beauty Salon’s Migration from Vagaro to Yottled 

One of my employees, Kelly Calhoun, is a tech enthusiast who found Yottled on social media. She did some research herself and recommended it to me. After a demo with Trevor, I was convinced that Yottled is the perfect Vagaro alternative for my business, “ said Elizabeth Jennings, owner of Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge. 

Yottled’s team helped Carolina Eye Candy salon with the entire migration process, including customer data transfer, and existing appointment migration. Elizabeth, her employees, and customers are delighted with the new booking and scheduling experience. 

Saved Approx. $2,250/month by Just by Shifting from Vagaro to Yottled

“I was actively looking for Vagaro alternative because it was challenging to use from the admin side. Even my clients need to go through many steps and a registration process to book an appointment. I also never liked it marketplace. Yottled eliminated all my pain points instantly. I also received two free PoS machines for both of my locations. 

But something that I really didn’t expect was that all these features are going to be free and I can eliminate my payment processing fees as well. It was a pleasant surprise for me to see my profit going up by $2.2k from the very first month of migration,” added Elizabeth joyfully. 

Vagaro’s Crowded Marketplace Was a Problem

“If someone comes to our profile or booking site, I want them to explore our services and reviews instead of searching for our competitors. But Vagaro provides them with the option to search for other competitors in the same area. It is not fair. 

I invest a fair number of resources in marketing and it's unfair to send my hard-earned customers to our competitors once they have reached my booking platform. That’s why I always wanted to get out of Vagaro’s so-called marketplace,” said Elizabeth. 

Yottled is highly against the marketplace concept. If a customer is landed on your booking page, it is due to your genuine word-of-mouth publicity and marketing efforts. They shouldn’t get distracted by other options.

“Shifting to Yottled was a relief. I am neither losing customers nor employees anymore. Yottled provided me with the true freedom to operate my business independently,” added Elizabeth further.  

Wrapping Up

“Yottled helped me to retain my valuable customers, and reduce booking page abandonment by eliminating the registration process at checkout, which indirectly helped my business to make more money. Of course, I am saving about $2.2k/month by eliminating payment processing and Vagaro fees, which is an instant profit boost. This is the best booking software I have used so far and I strongly recommend it to others,” concluded Elizabeth. 

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