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GlossGenius Replacement: Yottled Developed a Custom Solution for Lunaxy Beauty

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Deysi Millan provides lash, facials, and waxing services, with an expertise in treating acne-prone skin, under the brand name Lunaxy Beauty. Deysi decided to migrate her business from GlossGenius to Yottled due to some pain points that we successfully solved for her. 

Deysi is,

  • Able to add and manage both her business locations seamlessly. 

  • No longer paying $288/year subscription fees to GlossGenius.

  • Delighted by the customization in notifications. 

  • Finding customer and appointment information with ease.

  • Going to save approx. $1,800/year by eliminating payment processing fees. 

Here is her review of using Yottled. 

Why Deysi Millan Wanted to Migrate from GlossGenius to Yottled?

Deysi has a slightly different business model. She is renting salon booths at two different locations. In a week, she works on one location from Monday to Thursday and another location on Friday and Saturday. She chose this business model to capture a customer base in a larger geographical area. 

With GlossGenius, I wasn’t able to add two locations. It makes everything so complicated as my customers don’t know at which location they are booking. There were scheduling conflicts as well, all the time. One day, my friend, who is also a lash technician, recommended Yottled. She heard about Yottled at LashCon, started using it for her business, and is very happy with her experience. So, I contacted Yottled team to inquire further,” said Deysi Millan, owner of Lunaxy Beauty.

Trevor inform me that it was a new type of request for Yottled and they needed to tweak some settings on the engineering side to enable me to fulfil my objectives. They did what they promised without charging me anything extra and now I can list my two locations with separate schedules. My customers clearly know for which location they’re booking my services, without any ambiguity,” added  Deysi joyfully.

Custom Reminders, Ease of Usage, and Savings

With GlossGenius, there wasn’t any option for customization regarding when to send a notification. Yottled lets business owners decide when they want to send a reminder to the customer i.e. a day, an hour, or any custom timeframe before the appointment. Deysi also had difficulty finding the information regarding who booked an appointment and other details of that customer. Yottled solved that issue as well. 

“Now, I have a better control over when to send a customer an appointment confirmation message. I am also able to check the customer’s information with more ease. All the required data is just 1-click away in Yottled. I was also able to get rid of those pesky payment processing fees, and now saving approx. $150 per month. All these for free! I am no longer paying GlossGenius fees which were $24 per month. I still can’t believe something as excellent as Yottled is actually free,” added Deysi. 

Wrapping up

“Yottled worked like my turnkey project solution. Who does that? I thought I had to hire a software developer to create a such facility and waste a huge sum of money. Instead, Yottled understood my pain points and walked the extra mile to help me solve the issue. On top of that, I am saving money! I am glad I found Yottled and I do recommend it to all other lash artists and beauticians” concluded Deysi.

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