Customer Story

Integrity Lash Increased Their Bottom Line By $500/Mo on Average Just by Shifting to Yottled from Booker

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Tussanee Luebbers owns an award-winning boutique lash salon, Tussanee’s Integrity Lash, in Pasadena, California. She shifted her business from Booker to Yottled and she is absolutely loving it! 

  • She increased her profit by $400 per month after using Yottled’s no credit card fee service for businesses. 

  • Now, she doesn’t need to pay Booker’s $129/mo. bill because Yottled is 100% free for businesses. 

  • Tussanee is completely delighted with Yottled’s comprehensive migration support and ease of usage

Why did Tussanee decide to shift her business from Booker to Yottled? 

“I am very passionate about my lash business. In July 2022, I was attending CosmoProf, a leading beauty trade show, to learn about all the latest techniques in the beauty and lash industry, where I found Yottled.”, said Tussanee. 

She was curious to know how business management software can be free.

“I thought maybe we have to pay extra for add-ons or there must be some cap on usage. But to my surprise, Yottled was free, like REALLY free. All 30+ features were included and no limit on usage. 

I was not actively looking for new business management software. Booker was working okay for me. I was using Booker’s online appointment booking feature for my offerings of niche lash services and the CRM for keeping track of customers’ information.” 

Yottled’s pricing model madeTussanee think about whether it is worth paying $1,500 per year for business management software just for offering 6 to 7 services and a CRM.  

“On top of it, I also learned that I can transfer entire payment processor fees to my customers’ final bills and reduce my business cost by almost $400 per month. At that point, it was a no-brainer decision for me to shift from Booker to Yottled. Why not save $500+ per month when I’m receiving the exact same features and amenities?”, added Tussanee.

The Ease of Migration 

Tussanee had two main concerns. 1) How to migrate the entire business from one software to another. 2) How much time does it take to learn completely new software?

Migration: Yottled provided Tussanee with all the support she needed for onboarding. 

Yottled handled everything. They set up Integrity Lash’s profile on Yottled and migrated all my appointments and clients’ information to Yottled’s CRM. It just took two days to complete the entire migration process.”

The learning curve: Tussanee found Yottled simple to use and easy to navigate. 

“I originally thought it would take 1 to 2 months to learn a new software. But to my pleasant surprise, we all got accustomed to Yottled just in a week! It is NOT that difficult to use after all!”, added Tussanee enthusiastically. 

Wrapping up

“I am saving $500 to $600 per month just by shifting to Yottled. I don’t have to pay Booker’s monthly subscription costs or payment processing fees. A cherry on top is that Yottled is way easier to use. I’m definitely going to recommend Yottled to my other fellow lash artists who are using painstakingly expensive business management software. And why not? If you’re getting the exact features, and top-notch migration support, why not save almost $7k per year?”, concluded Tussanee.   

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

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