Customer Story

Leegerem Advanced Aesthetic Techniques Choose Yottled Over Vagaro and Boulevard: Here’s Why


Glenda Gerena is a licensed esthetician and the owner of Leegerem Advanced Aesthetic Techniques. After receiving plenty of complaints from her staff, she decided to move over her business from Vagaro to Yottled.

  • Migration was taken care of by Yottled team and it took less than 24 hours for them to complete the entire setup. 

  • Yottled helped her save approx. $6,000 per year which she used to pay in Vagaro subscription and credit card processing fees. 

  • Employees provided a really positive review of Yottled. 

 Glenda’s Frustrating Experience with Vagaro

“Right now, we are an 8 people team and I am expanding Leegerem by adding more estheticians to the team. With Vagaro, I was paying approx. $250 per month already. With each new staff member, this cost kept increasing. I was also paying additional for storing credit cards on file, intake forms, and email marketing. 

The cost was so much that at one point I had to tell the estheticians that I am going to deduct the Vagaro charges from their paychecks. Obviously, they got annoyed and asked me to look for another software. I also feared their churn. So I start looking for some Vagaro alternatives”, said Glenda.

Choosing Yottled over Boulevard 

After doing in-depth online research, Glenda shortlisted Boulevard and Yottled. She first approached Boulevard because it is in business for a longer period of time.

Boulevard started with really low payment processing fees and $150/month. But when I told them I have more employees and the usage requirement, they gave me the final quote of $500 per month and an extra $800 for migration support. I felt disgusted, to be honest,” added Glenda.

Glenda approached Yottled, then. For her, Yottled was a “too good to be true” solution and she was skeptical when approached us.

When I started talking to Trevor, I kept asking what was the catch! Why this thing is free? What will you charge me later on the name of add-ons? I was stunned to know I’ll get the entire software for free with everything unlimited. Free migration and PoS, as well. My customers will pay the Yottled convenience charges, which is not a big deal these days,” added Glenda enthusiastically.

Yottled handled the entire migration process quickly. Glenda also received her PoS system in about 48 hours and she started using Yottled right away after that. 

Glenda’s Reviews After Migrating to Yottled

 “Yottled is a robust yet simple software. It took my employees and me one day to get ourselves familiarized with the new scheduling, notifications, and other tools. The PoS is also high-tech. My employees are so happy that we have easily fixed this issue and they’ll be able to make more money. I am also transferring payment processing fees to my customers and saving even more. Yottled is working perfectly fine, and now I regret not finding it before. Just by not paying Vagaro subscription charges and credit card processing fees, I saved so much money that I can take an extra vacation,” added Glenda with great appreciation.



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