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How Aadya has succeeded hosting online sales seminars


Yottled for Small Business

Yottled is the fastest way to bring your business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders. It can be used in multiple ways to run your small business, particularly if your business is includes content and services. To give you some ideas of ways business owners can use the simple but flexible Yottled platform to schedule appointments, host live events, list content, and keep in touch with their clients, we are highlighting some of our users who have used our tools in creative ways to serve their customers. 

AaDya Security

AaDya Security is a cybersecurity startup out of Detroit that democratizes security services for small business. Marketing director Melissa Smith says the company just started using Yottled for online sales seminars, and to conduct market research. It’s a great example of the many ways online scheduling tools can be used for everything from content marketing and events to sales.

“We’re starting weekly webinars,” Smith says. AaDya is planning a product demo weekly, so uses Yottled to plan a recurring event without having to schedule it every week. “We wanted to have a regular time when people could join anonymously and watch a sales demo,” Smith says. “People don’t have to engage with sales.”


Yottled’s Use Cases for Tech Startups

Smith reports that Yottled allowed AaDya to add extra features to their seminars and webinars that would be more than Zoom offers but not as cumbersome as Eventbrite. Yottled also integrates with Hubspot, so it has potential for startups that want to do more than host live events.

Smith says AaDya founder Raffaele Mautone loves to support other startups, particularly out of Southeast Michigan where both companies were founded. “We love the idea of being a startup supporting a startup, and that we can grow with them,” Smith says. “We wanted something that could scale with us if webinars take off. As we get bigger, we’re going to be doing more events, both internal and external.”

Smith says the Yottled platform is user friendly, not too feature heavy, and the basics work great. “This is more streamlined than Eventbrite. Eventbrite isn’t difficult to use, but on Yottled it’s easy to access customers and events and you don’t have to navigate through.”

Smith’s favorite feature: set up events and forget it. The platform reminds clients about events and stays in touch for you so you can focus on running your event. “We like that Yottled integrates with our CRM,” Smith says. “It functions as our event page.”

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