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Square Replacement: Nails By Sheryll Increased Their Profits by $260/month and Also Got Free PoS

nails by sheryll case study yottled review

Sheryll is a talented nail artist who runs a nail booth in Kennewick, WA. She replaced Square and Vagaro with Yottled and here’s the summary of her experience so far. 

  • Sheryll increased her profit by $260/month just by eliminating Square’s payment processing fees. 

  • She also saved Vagaro’s subscription fees of $400/year by shifting to Yottled, which is free for her business. 

  • Sheryll got a free point of sale (PoS) system worth $300.

Sheryll’s Reason for Shifting to Yottled from Square

“I met with Yottled’s team at the Image Expo trade show in Houston Texas. I wasn’t actively looking to change my payment processor but when I realized how much business cost I can save by using Yottled, I decided to give it a try, “said Sheryll. 

Sheryll was using Square for payment processing and Vagaro for scheduling. She didn’t have a booking page and was generally taking appointments via phone calls or social media. Square’s various payment processing fee brackets were ambiguous for her.

“With Square, I was paying 2.9% to 3.5% plus some fixed amount per transaction. A uniform fee structure would be any day helpful for me to calculate the profit margin. I was relieved to find out that I am going to have not only a uniform rate but also an option to transfer these fees to my customers.

That means, I no longer need to worry about payment processing fees at all! My customers’ bills would go up just by a small amount, but at the end of the day, I’ll be able to get all my hard-earned money in my own pockets without giving a share from it to payment processors,” added Sheryll. 

Yottled’s customer success team helped her to set up her business on Yottled quickly. She was delighted to see her profit getting increased with each transaction just by shifting to Yottled.

“Just in one month, I saved approx. $260 that I would have otherwise paid to Square! It’s worth my two weeks’ nail supplies and raw materials combined! I wish I had found Yottled before.”

Free Point of Sale for Sheryll 

“I already purchased a PoS with Square. I was a bit hesitant about buying another one. But Yottled gave me the option to get the PoS machine for free. I put $300 deposit and after I processed a threshold amount using that PoS, I got my deposit back! I can’t believe I got a PoS with such advanced NFC technology for free! It is so easy and convenient to use,” added Sheryll enthusiastically. 

Replacing Vagaro with Yottled

Sheryll also replaced Vagaro with Yottled for all her scheduling needs. She was delighted by Yottled’s “free for business, all features included” software. 

“In Vagaro, a large number of features were add-ons and I was using only some of them like forms, credit card storage on file, and notifications to save money. I wanted to use more amenities but everything seems so expensive. I was stunned to know all features were free and unlimited with Yottled. I saved my $400/year in Vagaro subscription fees and got something even much better,” added Sheryll. 

Wrapping up

“I would recommend Yottled to any business owner who is serious about their business costs. Every day, I am saving money little by little and it feels good to see at the end of the month approx. $260 to $390 increase in profit without any sort of extra effort or investment. Shifting to Yottled was the best business decision I made,” concluded Sheryll. 

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