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Yottled’s Flexibility for Online Classes


Yottled for Small Business

Yottled is the fastest way to bring your business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders. It can be used in multiple ways to run your small business, particularly if your business is includes content and services. To give you some ideas of ways business owners can use the simple but flexible Yottled platform to schedule appointments, host live events, list content, and keep in touch with their clients, we are highlighting some of our users who have used our tools in creative ways to serve their customers. 

Real Estate Driven

Nelle Tatum works out of Texas, teaching real estate marketing across the country by hosting online classes. She loves that the Yottled platform helps her keep in touch with her 128,000 contacts she has accumulated since 2009.

“I discovered Yottled on Facebook,” Tatum says. “I like to look at tech and software tools.”

“I started Yottled because I wanted to create a community,” Tatum says, “and content is king.” Yottled has given Tatum what she was looking for beyond a basic software tool: a chance to be a part of and to build a community of like-minded people. Now she can connect with them across the country, in a format that works for both one-on-one meetings and group coaching. She likes how the platform scales with her business, and isn’t limited to small numbers of clients for scheduling.

Yottled’s Flexibility for Online Classes

Tatum uses Yottled to host coaching and classes, and distribute real estate educational content. “Yottled is invested in my success,” Tatum says. “They’re very good at responding.” In the future, Tatum hopes to use upcoming features to create a continuing education credit course. She just released a live class, and loves that the platform sends email blasts and 24-hour reminders to her clients. In an era of swift transition to online communication, the Yottled platform is allowing users to connect with ever larger groups of people in their space and schedule gatherings with them in a format that works for their business.

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