Customer Story

Mindset Fitness & Yoga Replaced Mindbody with Yottled and Increased Revenue by 45%

Mindbody alternative Yottled increases revenue

Travis Ehrhardt started MINDSET Fitness & Yoga which offers a range of fitness services in Fort Worth, Texas. He is delighted to shift from Mindbody to alternative Yottled for hosting live classes and online booking, offering memberships, organizing private sessions, and providing pre-recorded training videos. 

His business flourished with Yottled after making the shift from Mindbody.

  • Revenue increased by 45%.

  • Online bookings increased by 59%.

  • Employees saved an average of 23 hours per month due to the ease of use

  • He has better control over his employees’ calendars, appointments, scheduling and rescheduling, and payments.

“Yottled is the best Mindbody alternative I ever found”- Travis Ehrhardt, Owner at Mindset Fitness & Yoga

Travis needed business management software that he and his employees could use with ease. “We found Yottled via The Functional Aging Institute. We wanted to shift from our old CRM but other alternatives seem no different. When we booked a demo with Yottled, I was surprised to see a clear difference. It was simple, elegant, fast, and user-friendly”, says Travis.

“There are three features I absolutely love about Yottled.

  1. It's super easy to use.

  2. My employees absolutely love it. 

  3. My clients are delighted not to have to create an account to sign up for a class”, added Travis.

How MINDSET Fitness & Yoga Improved Revenue by 45% with Yottled?

“One of my biggest concerns was that lots of my clients are already dealing with multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and other issues that make technology stressful.  For them, making an online account on Mindbody, and logging in every time to participate in an event or class is a challenging step”, Travis explained. 

“I knew that hurdle was negatively impacting my conversion rate. But I wasn’t sure what to do as it was a prerequisite for Mindbody”.

When Travis talked to Yottled’s team about a potential Mindbody alternative, he was delighted to know that we were already aware of this pain point. “My event attendees and clients are not required to make an account on Yottled to register for events or make an appointment! It was a piece of cake for my non-tech-savvy customers! This small feature itself increased my online bookings by 59% and revenue by 45%!” said Travis. 

Yottled Saved Employee Time

My yoga instructors and fitness trainers were finding Mindbody too complex to use. They had to spend a fair amount of time customizing their calendars, creating events, uploading exercise videos, organizing live sessions, etc. Yottled is very simple and quick. All my employees love it! They are doing all the backend admin tasks in seconds. Each of them is saving an average of 23 hours a month”, Travis explained. 

The strength of my business is the vast variety of fitness training we are providing. From fitness exercises to yoga, massage, tai chi, dance, sign language training, stretching practice-you name it, we have it! But as we were growing and adding more facilities, dealing with Mindbody’s backend technology was becoming way more complicated. Yottled made things simple for us. Yottled is a no-pain solution and a peace of mind for us.”, Travis concluded.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

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