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Square Replacement: Marley Glam Lash Increased Profits By $150/Mo. and Also Got Free Amenities and PoS

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Marley Glam is a Los Angeles-based Lash studio, providing a whole range of lash services such as lash Extensions, Lifts, Tint, Brow Lamination, and more. After switching their appointment booking from Wix and payment processing from Square to Yottled, here is a glimpse of their experience. 

  • Switched appointment booking and deposit acceptance from Wix to Yottled and now they longer pay 5% of revenue share to Wix. Yottled never takes revenue share. 

  • Shifted payment processor from Square to Yottled, and saved approx. $100/month by eliminating credit card fees. 

  • Accessing all the customer information stored in one place i.e., Yottled’s CRM, instead of juggling between Wix and Square to fetch customer data. 

  • Getting free amenities like email marketing, gift cards, automated notifications, reminders, etc. 

  • Received a free Point of sale machine.

Marley Glam’s Transition from Square to Yottled

Marley is the owner of Marley Glam lash studio. She heard about Yottled on a podcast named LashCast. Soon, she also met with the Yottled team on LashCon, a tradeshow for lash artists to explore the latest products and tools in the lash extension industry. 

Honestly, I found Yottled too good to be true when I heard it for the first time. How can software that includes so many features be free? I kept exploring what are the charges for add-ons, and extra usage but didn’t find anything suspicious. I finally decided to give it a try. I signed up and migrated my business with Yottled’s team’s help. It was a way easier software than I imagined”, said Marley. 

“To my delight, there were some more freebies in the software that I didn’t even expect. I got free marketing tools with ready-to-use templates and widgets to send email campaigns. I also received a free point-of-sale machine, which is quite efficient. And of course, automated notifications and reminders on text and emails. All for free! Can you believe that?” exclaimed Marley.

Freedom from Software Consolidation

I was paying a sizeable revenue share to Wix to use their appointment booking software and take deposits. I was taking the rest of the payment on the premises with Square, using its PoS machine. I had to do a lot of manual work to consolidate data from these two systems to understand which client has paid how much in advance and what was unpaid. 

With Yottled, everything is in one place. I charge advance deposits for some services, full price for some other ones, and the rest of the payment on my premises. I am able to accept full or partial payment via redeeming gift cards, as well. Because all data is available at my fingertips from Yottled’s CRM, I can easily manage everything with ease. 

The cherry on top is that I’m no longer paying revenue share to Wix and payment processing charges to Square. I’m saving approx. $150 to $180 per month just by switching the software,” added Marley cheerfully. 


I got a much smoother business management experience with Yottled. I’m no longer wasting my time merging data between two separate software manually. I also got many free amenities and one latest PoS machine. And all these for free! Yottled hasn’t charged me a single penny! On the contrary, I’m saving almost $150 to $180 per month. I don’t think there can be any better solution in the market than Yottled. Just go for it!”, concluded Marley.

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