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Yottled for Small Business

Yottled is the fastest way to bring your business online without the burden of 3rd party plugins, coding, or complex website builders. It can be used in multiple ways to run your small business, particularly if your business is includes content and services. To give you some ideas of ways business owners can use the simple but flexible Yottled platform to schedule appointments, host live events, list content, and keep in touch with their clients, we are highlighting some of our users who have used our tools in creative ways to serve their customers. 

Strong Mind Strong Body Fitness

“I was looking for someone to take control of my finances,” says Yottled user Jamal Johnson. Johnson is the owner of Strong Mind Strong Body Fitness, and says that when he Googled tools that might work for his business, Yottled pulled up on the first page. Johnson used to train people in person, and he values Yottled’s video and calendar integrations, because of two reasons: 

  1. “When people see a face, something just connects,” Johnson says of the value of having video to help people with FAQs before they sign up with his business.

  1. “The calendar is user friendly, so people can see my availability.”

Once people are a member of Johnson’s business on Yottled, they can easily sign up for open training times. Strong Mind Strong Body Fitness offers customized strength conditioning, toning, aerobics, HIIT exercises–in person and through virtual events. 

Customizable Services

“I also offer a health food shopping tour,” Johnson says. “It’s a consultation and meal guide that educates people on plant-based vegan tutorials.” Johnson reports that being vegan for 30 years has made his lifestyle more efficient, because it gives him more energy. He doesn’t just push vegan lifestyle choices in general, however. Strong Mind Strong Body is also about customizing a diet and food choices to people’s lifestyle and body type. Yottled enables business owners like Johnson to host virtual training sessions and consult with clients in a highly personalized way. He makes himself available for time blocks that are convenient for him and for a range of people, including early mornings and late afternoons. “People with kids or who work from home don’t have to leave their residence,” he says of these unusual office hours. As more small business owner adapt their virtual offerings and hours to serve a variety of lifestyles and schedules, tools like Yottled are right there to support both business owners and clients in finding just the right fit, including the right scheduling options. 

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