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TickleMe Mobile Lash’s Empowering Journey from No Booking Platform to Yottled and Saving $750/year

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TickleMe Lash is a mobile lash service in Orlando and Kissimmee. They started using Yottled for online appointment booking and here’s a summary of their experience.

  • Not losing any appointments as customers are self-scheduling their bookings online.

  • Collecting upfront online payments as protection against last-minute cancellations.

  • Found the admin side way easier to manage.

Saving approx. $750/year by eliminating payment processing fees and software expenses.   


 Sherrelle Hicks is a passionate lash artist, a licensed makeup artist, and a popular social media influencer. She runs a mobile lash business named TickleMe Lash in Orlando and Kissimmee for 3 years. She visits her client’s place after they book her appointment. 

How Yottled Became Sherrelle’s One-Stop Solution For Her Lash Business

Sherrelle found Yottled on social media and she decided to give it a try.

“When I started using Yottled, I realized how simple and yet powerful an appointment booking software can be. I don’t have to pay anything extra for using all of its features. Everything is unlimited, which is a huge relief. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up my account on Yottled, add availability in the scheduler, and create services. It was that easy,” said Sherrelle Hicks, owner of TickleMe Lash.

Sherrelle added, “I have all the client data stored in the CRM for easy access.

·  My appointments automatically get added to my calendar.

·  Payment is received upfront, reducing risks of last minutes cancellations.

·  Clients don’t need to send me back-and-forth DMs on Instagram to check my availability. They can self-schedule everything at their convenient time from my available time slots.

·  Clients and I get automated notifications at the time of booking. We also get automated reminders before the appointment.

·  I can block some time off between two appointments so I can have sufficient time to travel from one client’s place to another.

·  I got free email marketing tools, gift card generator tools, and many other freebies that I didn’t even know about at the time of signing up.

On top of it, I am no longer paying payment processing fees and other all-in-one software charges. Overall, my saving is going to be $750/year.”

TickleMe Lash’s Pain Points to Manage the Business

“I was using Acuity scheduling for online appointment booking and Square for payment processing back in 2019. Those software are not easy to manage for non-tech-savvy people. Acuity had a basic free feature that had restrictions and in order to customize you have to have a master's in coding. To access some of the core features, I was paying $45 per month”, said Sherrelle.

During the quarantine, Sherrelle’s business became slower due to all the social distance norms. There was no meaning in paying about $500 annually to the booking software, so she stopped using Acuity. Once everything because normal, she was just asking clients to DM her on Instagram to book appointments.

“It required too many extra steps to ensure my availability and travel time/location to allow me to consolidate my appointments. I was losing clients as it was inconvenient for them to send back-and-forth messages in order to book my appointments with so many additional steps. I was manually adding the appointments, client’s requirements, contact details, and addresses to my calendar. It was a mess”, added Sherrelle.


Yottled is the best thing that happened to my business. I am feeling fortunate to find such a cool business management software that made operating my business so easy. I have already referred Yottled to my 2 more lash artists friends and am going to recommend it to more salons and spas as well”, concluded Sherrellle.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.