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Urban Doll Beauty Salon Increased Profits by $4,600/yr. Just by Shifting from Vagaro to Yottled

urban doll beauty

Urban Doll Beauty is an Albany, California-based premium salon that offers makeup, waxing, lash extension, brow artistry, and tinting. They shifted from Vagaro to Yottled and here is the summary of their delightful experience. 

  • Increased profits by approx. $300 from the very first month of migration.

  • Eliminated Vagaro’s $1,020 annual subscription fees.

  • Customers found the booking experience with Yottled way easier and quicker than Vagaro.

Urban Doll Beauty’s Software Migration Decision 

Navita Manyisha is a CA-licensed Esthetician since 2008 and is the owner of The Urban Doll Beauty

I’m a regular listener of a Podcast named LashCast to get the latest information and developments in the lash extension industry.  In one episode, I heard Trevor discussing how their software Yottled helps lash artists make more money. I found the cost-saving aspect very appealing in this unstable economic time,” said Navita Manyisha. 

Navita signed up just to check out whether Yottled is the right solution for her business. Any business can do so before committing as you don’t require a credit card or contract to sign up and explore Yottled. 

How Navita increased her profit by approximately $400 per month 

When I signed up, I found out that Yottled had all the features I am getting at Vagaro. So, it was a no-brainer decision for me to stop paying $85 to Vagaro every month when I’m getting the exact thing for free. Plus, I got the facility to shift my payment processing fees to my clients, which was another saving of $300 per month. I also got a free point-of-sale machine, which is fantastic. Why should anybody in their right state of mind would miss such an opportunity?”, added Navita.  

Yottled’s team supported Navita in migration and she saved about $400, which includes Vagaro fees and payment processing fees, from the first month of migration. 

Increased conversion due to better user experience

“My customers often complained about the account creation process while appointment bookings. I could see people abandoning the booking from the registration page, but I was feeling helpless. Now, with Yottled, I got power back into my hands.”

My clients can book appointments instantly without creating an account on Yottled. I got some really good feedback from my clients and my conversion rate also improved. People are not abandoning my booking page anymore as there isn’t any pesky registration process,” added Navita joyfully. 

Final Words

“I know the idea of migration from one software to another is scary. It was scary for me, too. But as a business owner, reducing business costs is also important. I took the chance of migrating from Vagaro to Yottled and I am proud of my decision. You should definitely try it. Even your customers and employees are going to like it due to the ease of usage. I strongly recommend Yottled”, concluded Navita. 

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

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