CRM For Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Yottled handles online appointment booking, payments, notifications, reminders, and customer data with its powerful CRM for real estate agents and brokers with ease and efficiency. It's free to use. All features are included.

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  • Appointment Booking With Ease

    Real-estate agents and brokers can set their availability on Yottled's digital calender and let clients self-book at their convenient time, without back and forth phone calls and emails. Schedule personalized home tours without any conflicts in appointments, as our calendar syncs with Google calendar. Get an automated notification on your email and text messages whenever someone books an appointment.

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  • Client Information at Your Fingertips

    Create and send intake forms, contact forms, surveys, registration forms, waivers, subscription forms, and more. Have all the information you need before the appointment such as clients' contact info, budget, property preferences, etc. Yottled's CRM for real estate agents and brokers saves all the form responses in clients' digital profiles so that you can access them anytime you want. The data is 100% secured on our encrypted cloud platform.

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  • Scheduler to Stay Organized

    All the real estate agents will get a powerful digital scheduler to manage appointments and use working hours efficiently. If you're running a real estate agency, you can manage all the agents' and brokers' appointments from a single powerful dashboard.

    Easily check past and future appointments. Reschedule with ease. Take advanced payment, if required. Send automatic reminders before a day and hour of the appointment to reduce the no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

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  • Payment Integration

    Accept brokerage, commission, rent, or any services you render with our virtual PoS.

    3 Payment acceptance modes.

    Your website: You can integrate a payment gateway on your website without widgets. Our technical team will immediately help you if you get stuck in this process.

    Webpage on a third-party platform: You’ll get a personalized webpage on Yottled where you can list properties, schedule home tours, take registration for open houses, along with accepting payments.

    Emails: Send invoices on emails with payment links and let clients pay directly using those links.

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  • Event Registration for Open-Houses

    Organizing an open-house event? We got you covered! With Yottled, you can easily create open-house events, and send registration links to potential clients for a hassle-free registration. Share registration links on your website, Facebook, Instagram, emails, or chat groups, and let clients book directly from there. Notifications and reminders are automatic. Access invitees' information from Yottled's CRM anytime.

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Yottled is 100% Free CRM for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

We charge a small convenience fee of $0.99 to your clients on every paid transaction they make i.e book a paid appointment or pay brokerage/rent. It's 100% free for brokers and agents. All features included. Everything unlimited.

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