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Yottled provides an easy-to-use registration platform for online and in-person classes, studios, webinars, courses, events, coaching, counseling sessions, and more!

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Class Registration Software with 15+ Industry-Leading Features

Yottled's class enrolment software comes with the payment processor, webpage, customizable forms, CRM, notifications, reminders, and email marketing tools, making the entire registration and following-up process smooth and fast!

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  • Customized Registration Forms

    Create unlimited contact forms, surveys, registration forms, waivers, subscription forms, and more for your business with simplicity and ease. Request any piece of information you need from your attendees with our fully customizable intake forms.

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client relationship management
  • Digital CRM

    Every piece of data is automatically saved in clients' digital profiles. Access your customers' contact details, notes, intake forms, and signed waivers any time you need. Look up past purchases and bookings with ease.

    Create customized marketing campaigns and packages on the basis of clients’ demographics, requirements, and preferences.

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  • Payment Processor

    Accept payment online at the time of registration or send the invoices later on with the payment link.

    Simplify the billing and payments experience, generate automated invoices, and track revenue. Yottled's class registration software lets you accept online payments and also payments at your front desk via card, check, or cash.

    Get an option to transfer credit card charges to your customers' final bill and instantly increase your revenue by approx. 3%.

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how to book class online
  • Embed Registration Form into Your Website

    Yottled's free class enrolment software integrates with any website builder and hosting providers like Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress, Square, and more.

  • No Website? No Problem!

    Get your own booking and registration webpage on Yottled. No domain name or hosting is required. Create unlimited booking links and share them in text messages, WhatsApp, email, social media, chatting groups, or anywhere you want, and let clients book your classes or events directly using those links.

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  • Online Booking

    Create classes, events, services, memberships, and webinars. Let clients self-schedule and self-register without the back-and-forth phone calls and emails. Attach registration form and payment processor with the booking link to organise everything professionally.

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Yottled is 100% Free Class Registration Software

We charge a small convenience fee of $0.99 to your clients on every paid transaction they make. businesses can use the entire software for free. All features included. Everything unlimited.

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