Apartment Home Gym: Tips on Earning Money from Home Gym

Explore top-5 low-cost business ideas for an apartment gym

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How to Make Money from Apartment Home Gyms?

Here are some smart ways you can earn money from your apartment gym with minimum investment.

  • 1) Provide Virtual Fitness Sessions

    We are NOT talking about uploading free videos or organizing free live fitness sessions on social media. If you have expertise in some sort of exercise, teach them online. People are ready to pay for virtual fitness coaching. The global virtual fitness market is estimated to reach $59,231 million by 2027. Here are some ways you can offer online fitness training from your apartment home gym.

  • Option 1: Use free tools like Yottled

    All you need to do is, sign up and start scheduling your fitness classes or 1:1 fitness sessions. Send booking links to students directly or post them on social media. The best part is payment integration. Students pay the fees at the time of booking your sessions.

    • Yottled supports Zoom, Google Meets, or any platform with a custom URL.

    • It has a CRM, so you can keep a track of each student, and access their contact info and enrolment details anytime you want.

    • Get a personalized booking page without any expenses of a domain name or hosting.

    • Yottled doesn’t take revenue sharing, which means, 100% of your earning goes into your own pockets.

  • Option 2: Register yourself on online fitness platforms

    Create your profile and get yourself listed on third-party platforms. People visit these sites, see your videos and qualifications, and may choose to hire you. Some of the famous platforms are

    The advantage of these platforms is that you get exposure to a wide population of fitness enthusiasts. The disadvantage of these platforms is that they take 20% to 40% revenue share. Plus, your competitors are also going to be on these platforms so you must make sure your profile stands out among thousands of others.

  • 2) Provide 1:1 Stretching Coaching

    Stretching exercises require minimum investment. All you need is some stretching bands, yoga stretching belts, resistance tubes, and other small equipment for stretching. Use your talent in finding various stretching exercises based on a person’s body type, and fitness level. If you don’t have enough space in the apartment, you can offer stretching training to a small group or on a 1:1  basis.


    • No investment or low investment.

    • No noise and jumping involved. Suitable for someone living on the second floor or higher.


    Need more space for various stretching moves. It is more suitable for garages, open gardens, or terraces, instead of home gyms situated inside the apartment.

  • 3) Organize Online Live Group Fitness Events

    Instead of organizing free Facebook/Insta/YouTube live, offer live paid group classes using Zoom or Google Meets from your apartment home gym. If you’re wondering how to create a booking page, take registration, accept online payment, keep track of each registrant and their contact info, and communicate with your students, we have good news for you. You can use platforms all-in-one software like Yottled for the same. They will charge small convenience fees of $0.99 to your clients when they make a paid booking. This method requires a $0.00 investment! It’s 100% free for businesses and individual fitness coaches.

  • 4) Offer Weightlifting Exercise

    It’s a no-brainer to mention that weightlifting instruments occupy less space compared to heavy gym equipment. Now a day, portable barbells are available, too, which you can fold and store in a small space easily after the exercise is done.

    Most of the weight lifting exercises are done in the standing position and don’t require wide space for body movement (like for yoga or stretching). Here is some weight-lifting equipment you can invest in.

    • Dumbells

    • Barbells (portable)

    • Body Bars

    • Kettlebells

    • Sandbags

    You need to be very careful while putting down the weights to avoid causing disturbance to the residents living on the floor below yours.

  • 5) Sell Video Tutorials

    You can either upload your fitness videos on YouTube and earn for every click on the advertisement. OR upload a 25% or half video and ask viewers to buy a paid membership/subscription to watch the rest of the video. VOD or video on demand is the concept where people can watch prerecorded videos at their convenient time in the future. You can create monthly, quarterly, or yearly, memberships for your video content. It is also called “gated content”, where only paid members can access some content like videos, PDFs, 1:1 sessions, events, etc.

    How to create online paid memberships for selling fitness videos? Yottled is again your answer! 

Caution for Starting an Apartment Home Gym Business

    • Business registration: In most states, business registration is mandatory for any commercial activities.

    • Tax: You must pay taxes on earnings from home gym activities, whether it’s in-person training or a virtual one.

    • Permissions: If you’re living in a rented apartment, written permission to use it for a commercial purpose is compulsory. Even if you’re having your own apartment, formal permission from the building authority and neighbors is always advisable so that they don’t sue in the future for noise and disturbance.

    • Business insurance: It is highly advisable to take business insurance for unforeseen events, such as someone suing you for developing a health issue after following your fitness tips.

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