20 Booth Rental Salon Rules and Laws for the Agreement

Explore salon suite rental rules to understand which terms and conditions you must add to the legal agreements. These guidelines are designed to promote professionalism, maintain cleanliness, and foster a positive relationship between salon booth owners and renters.


20 Must-Know Salon Booth and Suite Rental Rules and Regulations

We have divided these salon suite rental rules into 4 sections and included sample rules that you can modify according to your terms and conditions.

  • A. Access Rights

    Have all the salon premises-related rights and responsibilities in this section, which include timings, furniture, custom decoration, and common area.

    1. Property: The renter shall have rights to access the building, allocated parking space, common area, common waiting room, corridors, restrooms, and windows.

    2. Working Space: The renter shall access the salon suite allocated to him/her and has the right to lock it. The renter also has an exclusive right to use the sink located inside the suite.


    The renter shall access the salon booth allocated to him/her and has the non-exclusive rights to shared sinks on the salon premises.

    3. Furniture: The renter has the right to use the hydraulic chair, extra setting chairs, all lights including the wall mount light, air conditioner thermostat, cupboards, storage, and shelves located inside their allocated salon suite.

    The renter can decorate the suite with family pictures, portfolio images, paintings, wall art, and movable lighting of their choice. The renter shall not change the color of the wall, or fixed lighting, and make any changes that can’t be undone/removed/detached without damaging the original condition of the wall at the time of expiry of the lease.


    The renter has an exclusive right to use the hydraulic chair allocated to him/her, the lights above their booth, and two lockable storage units and shelves allocated to them. The renter has no right to make any customization in lights, wall paint, furniture, or décor at the salon.

    4. Timings: The renter has the right to access the salon premises on the regular salon timings which are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., all days a week. The tenant requires a digital access card to enter the premises. One access card is provided by the owner from the first day of the lease. There is a $50 fee for replacement cards or additional cards.

  • B. Rent and Security Deposit

    Now this section of salon booth rental rules has all the finance-related regulations which include rental terms, inclusion and exclusions, rules for late fees, and security deposits.

    5. Rent: Tick mark the chosen salon rent-paying option. Once the lease is signed, the chosen terms of rent payment will continue until the termination of the lease or 1 month written request for the change of terms.

    • Monthly rent of $850. The Tenant agrees to pay a monthly rent on or before the 1st of each month, before 4 p.m.


    • Weekly rent of $300. The Tenant agrees to pay weekly rent every Friday before 4 p.m.

    6. Rent inclusion and exclusion: The rent amount includes the following utilities.

    • Electricity

    • Gas

    • Water bill

    • Sewage and waste removal

    • Landline telephone

    • Laundry and dryer services

    • Repairs and Maintenance for normal wear and tear

    • Wifi

    • Cable

    • Front desk receptionist services

    • Regular maintenance of outside premises that includes cleaning, and snow removal

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    Anything not included in the above list.

    7. Late rent payment: There shall be a $25 per day late charge if rent is not paid by the due date.

    8. Security deposit: The security deposit is the equivalent of 4 weeks of suite rent for weekly rentals and 1-month rent for the monthly rental agreement. The security deposit is not advance rent and cannot be applied to rent by the tenant.

    9. Security deposit refund: Tenant must provide the owner written notice of surrender of the salon suite at least thirty (30) days prior to vacating the salon suite. If a tenant is not in default, and if the salon suite/booth is returned in the same condition as provided to the tenant, the owner will refund the security deposit within seven (7) days after vacating.

    The security deposit is subject to the following deductions.

    • Owner’s actual expenses for damages beyond normal wear and tear to the salon suite, furniture, hydridic hair, counter, and electronic equipment.

    • Unpaid rent.

    • The penalty equals 50% of the security deposit amount for the tenant’s failure to give proper notice of termination before 1 month.

    • Late rent payment charges.

    • Returned checks, and EFT not going through.

    • Charges for the replacement of lost access cards.

    • Charges for changes of locks because of lost keys.

    10: Rent increase: The owner shall give a 60-day notice to the tenant for any change in the amount of the rent. The salon owner has the right to increase rent by up to 7% every year.

    11. Sublease: Sublease or lease transfer is not permitted without the owner’s written permission.

  • C. Rights and Responsibilities

    Include all the required legal liabilities of a salon renter in this section. We have provided some sample responsibilities. Modify them according to your salon rental rules and add more if required.

    12. Certification: The renter must provide a valid cosmetology license to the owner prior to commencing the operations on the premises. The renter must keep the license up-to-date pertaining to the legal requirement of the [State] cosmetology board. The renter shall not be granted access to the work area while licenses are suspended or in arrears. Any violation of for mention rules shall result in the lease termination on an immediate basis.

    13. Hygiene: The renter must maintain the cleaning and hygiene standards pertaining to the rules and regulations of the [State] cosmetology board.

    14. Security: It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the security cameras and the locks of all the building entrances. However, the owner shall have no liability to tenants or their clients for losses due to theft or burglary, or for damages done by unauthorized persons in the building. The owner is not required to take insurance against any such losses.

    15. Professional liability insurance: Tenant must have professional liability insurance coverage and provide its proof to the owner at the time of signing the lease.

    16. Inspection: The owner and owner’s agents shall have the right to enter the salon suite for inspection and /or repair. The owner or their agent must provide a one-hour notice prior to entering the salon suite premises, unless in the case of an emergency.

  • D. Lease Termination

    The most complicated part of the salon booth rental agreement is the termination. Make sure you don’t leave any loopholes at this part.

    17. Non-compliance: If any default is made in the payment of rent or other sums due for extraordinary repairs and maintenance, or non-compliance with any of the above conditions, the owner has a right to terminate the lease.

    In the event of lease termination, the owner has the right to enter the premises and remove all persons and equipment.

    18. Notice: The owner shall provide a written to the salon suite renter for any default or breach. If the tenant fixes the issue within 5 days of receiving the notice and the owner approves the solution, the termination shall not take place.

    19. Lease termination by the renter: Tenant must provide owner written notice of the lease termination and surrender of the salon suite at least thirty (30) days prior to vacating the salon suite.

    20. Legal costs: Tenant agrees to pay all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by Owner as a result of any default, or non-compliance by Tenant under this lease.

  • Final Words

    Add more salon booth rules and regulations on your lawyer’s advice. By adhering to these rules, we aim to create a supportive and thriving community where each stylist can showcase their talents and provide exceptional service to their clients and also have a harmonious relationship with the salon property owner.

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