The Best CRM for Musicians

Get 30+ free features with Yottled's powerful CRM for musicians, bands, and musical classes. Easy to use and highly efficient to rum and manage your business.

CRM for musicians

Seamless CRM for Musicians and Bands

  • Client Data Storage

    Create your client’s digital profile (manually and automatically) on Yottled’s cloud-based CRM. Upload documents, files, and custom notes.

    Yottled’s powerful CRM for musicians automatically creates the client profile when

    • someone books an appointment,

    • submits an intake form,

    • registers for an event, or

    • buys/downloads a digital product such as a video or audio.

    The CRM stores the contact information, payment data, purchase history, responses to the forms, and any other custom notes you add manually.

  • Custom Intake Forms

    Create unlimited custom intake forms, surveys, and registration forms. Request any piece of information you require from the clients. Attach them on the booking page or send them in emails. Our CRM will automatically store all the replies by creating the client’s profile.

Get More Bookings. Increase Revenue. Reduce Admin Workload.

Appointment Booking

List down your services, rates, duration, and availability. Your clients will self-schedule their appointments online at the available time slot without back-and-forth phone calls and emails. Live demo

Event Registration

Use Yottled to register your musical event or concert, whether it is a one-time or recurring event. Sell tickets with 0% revenue sharing. Live demo: event registration

Music Classes Registration

Teaching music? Use Yottled for the music class registration and memberships. Sell prerecorded tutorials with paid "members only" access. Provide online musical tutorials with our live streaming options. Live demo: class registration

Shareable Booking Links

Create unlimited shareable booking links. Share them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, emails, SMS, chatting apps and any other platform for instant bookings.

how to generate automatic notifications
  • Automated Notifications

    As soon as someone books an appointment or registers for an event, you and the client gets an automatic notification via email and text messages. The notification contains the time, date, venue, event information, custom message/ticket, and services for which the appointment is booked.

    Get automated reminders a day and hour before the appointment/event to make sure everyone shows up on the time.

  • Payment Integration

    Payment setup can be done in seconds without any coding or technical requirement.

    Accept payment in 4 ways:

    1. 100% upfront, in advance.

    2. Charge a partial deposit initially, and take the rest of the payment later.

    3. Charge the entire payment later on but take the payment card number upfront to get a shield against last-minute cancellation.

    4. Create custom invoices and send them to the client’s email with the payment link.

    Yottled’s payment partner is Stripe. All you need is a Stripe account and you’re good to go. A free PoS machine is available on request.

  • Reports

    Track the transactions, appointments, event attendees, and payment status of each deal (Paid, unpaid, partially paid), and more with Yottled’s insightful reports.

Business Growth Tools

Shareable Booking Links

Create unlimited booking links and share them in text messages, WhatsApp, email, social media, chatting groups, or anywhere you want for instant bookings.

Email Marketing Tools

Send newsletters, promotions, deals, upcoming events, and more with our drag-and-drop email campaign builder. Market your services, deals, last-minute availability, coupon codes, and more.

Gift Cards

Create, manage, and sell gift cards. Accept payment by redeeming gift cards with ease. Create personalized gift cards on special occasions.

Coupon and Promo Codes

Create special coupons, discount codes, and promos for attracting more customers, gaining customer loyalty and retaining them.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.