Free Gift Card Codes for Businesses

Generate unlimited gift cards for your business. Sell them on your website. Send personalized gift cards to your selected customers. Access this facility for free.

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Yottled is a 100% free gift card code generator software for businesses

Gift cards are essential for customer loyalty and retention. But entrepreneurs and small business owners are not sure how to generate unique gift card codes. Let's explore how to generate gift cards, sell them online, and redeem them using Yottled.

  • Step-1: Sign Up for Free

    Here is the link to sign up for Yottled. No credit card is required, forever. We believe in customer loyalty by delighting them. So, no forceful commitments or contracts, ever. Get a confirmation email with a unique link to verify your email ownership.

how to generate free gift cards
  • Step-2 Go to “Sales” and Click “Gift Cards”

    To access the gift code generator, click Sales from the top menu bar and locate Gift Cards from the left side menu. Check out the screenshot.

  • Step- 3 (Part 1) Generate a Unique Gift Card Code with a Person’s Name on it

    If you, a business owner, or your staff wants to create a gift card for a particular customer on your front desk just for loyalty, retention, or a way to deal with customer grievances, here’s how you can do it.

    • Click on + Issue gift card.

    • Write down the gift card amount and hit Create

    • You will see a unique code generated by Yottled’s gift code generator.

    • Write the name of the person to whom you want to generate the gift card.

    • Click on Send gift card tab from the top right side.

    • Write down any personal notes in the email box and send them.

sell gift cards for business
  • Step-3 (Part 2) Sell Gift Cards Online

    Sell gift cards on your website or on your Yottled’s storefront*. Whenever a customer buys it, Yottled’s free gift card code generator will create a new, unique one for each purchase.

    *Yottled gives you a complimentary space with a unique URL. No need for hosting or domain name. You can use this space for selling gift cards, booking appointments, taking appointments, selling memberships, and more.

    Here’s how you can create free gift card codes and sell them online.

    • Click Sales and then Gift Cards

    • Click on Online Store and hit Add a new gift card.

  • Add various details such as the gift card’s title, description, and variants i.e., different monetary values.

    • That’s all. Your gift card is accessible from your online storefront on Yottled.

    • To access the gift cards, click on a person’s icon from the top upper side and select View my website

    To accept the payment from the gift card purchase, you need to have a Stripe account, as it is Yottled’s, payment partner. Once you have it,

    Go to Sales, then Settings, and select Connect Stripe.

    And you’re good to go!

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