Home Gym Ideas on Budget of $500

Apartment Workout Equipment Guide

Home Gym Ideas on Budget of $500

7 Low-Cost Apartment Workout Equipment

If you’re looking for some affordable home gym ideas on a budget of $500 in total, here are 7 exercise equipment you should consider investing in.

Multi-Gym Doorway Pull-Up Bar
  • 1. Multi-Gym Doorway Pull-Up Bar

    Cost: $25 to $80

    This instrument is for a complete upper-body workout. Over-the-door pull-up bar doesn’t require any assembly and is ready to use. The door frame must be sturdy enough to tolerate your weight.

Folding Apartment Exercise Bike
  • 2. Folding Exercise Bike

    Cost: Starts from $100

    Foldable bikes are another perfect gym equipment if you’re looking for a home gym idea on a budget. You can adjust the manual resistance to meet your exercise goal and fitness level.

Multi-Functional Push-Up Board
  • 3. Multi-Functional Push-Up Board

    Cost: Approx. $50

    This board is combined with various workout tools such as resistance bands, foldable Pushup boards, and push-up bars. It strengthens your core. You can target different muscle groups such as the chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back.

Home Gym Ideas on Budget of $500
  • 4. Folding Cycle for Stamina Building

    Cost: $20 to $45

    This apartment workout equipment strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular health. It provides a low-impact workout for the upper and lower body. It is for easy storage in the home or office because it is foldable. This cycle is often used in physiotherapy and is perfect for seniors and also for someone looking for rehabilitation after injury or illness.

Folding Treadmill for Apartment Home Gym
  • 5. Folding Treadmill

    Cost: Starts from $260

    This is the most expensive apartment exercise equipment on our list. However, it is one of the most important machines for cardio exercises. For apartment home gym, use foldable treadmills. They are less expensive and easy to store.

Ab Roller Wheel + Resistance Band
  • 6. Ab Roller Wheel + Resistance Band

    Cost $15 to $40

    Ab roller wheel targets all four layers of your abdominals. It strengthens and tones your abs, shoulders, arms, and back. It is one of the top recommendations for home gym ideas on a budget of less than $40.

  • 7. Dumbbells and Kettlebells

    Dumbbells: $10 and more

    Kettlebells: $25 and more

    No fitness setup is completed without weight Equipment. Dumbbells and kettlebells are quite convenient options for small apartment gyms compared to space-consuming barbells. They are affordable and available in a plethora of weight options. Needless to say, dumbbells and kettlebells are excellent for building, sculpting, toning, and strengthening muscles.  

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