Questions To Ask When Renting A Salon Suite in 2023

Planning to rent a salon suite or booth? There are some points you must clarify before renting a salon suite/booth to avoid any confusion and miscommunication. In this article, we have covered 8 critical questions to ask when renting a salon suite or booth.

  • Question 1: Which utilities are included in and excluded from the rent?

    Although it looks like a cliché question to ask when renting a salon suite, it is highly important to have a clear idea about each utility to avoid last-minute surprises.

    We recommend you note down or print out this list before your meeting with the salon owner. Ask for each of these items and tick mark whether it is included or excluded from the rent.

    • Electricity bill

    • Gas bill

    • Water bill

    • Sewage/waste removal services

    • Cleaning services

    • Laundry and dryer

    • WIFI

    • Cable

    • Parking

    • Concierge services

    • Scheduling and Booking software

    • PoS machine for billing

    • Security cameras

    • Landline phone charges

    • Periodic renovation expenses

    • Snow-removing services

    • Repairs and maintenance services, such as electricians, plumbers, etc.

    • Promotion and marketing services

  • Question 2: Will I have the liberty to choose my own booking software?

    One of the most important question people are supposed to ask when renting a salon suite but they miss is this: What are the terms for the booking software?

    Some of the big salon suite franchises have contracts with the salon booking software provider and they make it compulsory for you to use that software at an additional cost.

    You might not want to change your existing software, or are using a 100% free software like Yottled. In such circumstances, migrating to new software will waste your money and time. Make sure you clarify this point before renting a salon suite.

  • Question 3: What are the security arrangements?

    Even today’s date, some salons do a large number of transactions in cash and also carry expensive beauty products, hence, they are a soft target for robbers. So, you should ask about the security arrangements when renting a salon booth.

    Ask the salon owner do they have any of the following security systems.

    • Security cameras

    • Security guards

    • RFID tags and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for inventories

    • Safeguard all exterior doors

    • Intruder Alarm Systems

    • Access control system

  • Question 4: What type of furniture and infrastructure do you provide?

    Once again, print out this list, ask about each of these items and

    • Wall shelves to display your products

    • Salon chairs/ Hydraulic styling chairs (or recliner beds if you’re a lash artist or aesthetician)

    • Cabinets (with or without locks?)

    • Mirrors (full or half?)

    • Wall-mount LED lights

    • Refrigerator (common or individual?)

    • Canteen with shared kitchenette

    • Individual A/C thermostat or a common temperature control system?

    • Common sinks (washbasin) or a separate sink for each suite/booth?

    • Dustbins

    • Water dispenser machine (for staff only or also for all the customers?)

    • Coffee maker

  • Question 5: Do you provide concierge services and a waiting area?

    A concierge or reception services are helpful to manage pre-booked customers and walk-ins. It gives a professional touch to the entire setup. Some high-end salons provide concierge services for free while some offer these services as an add-on and charge extra for the same.

    Also, make sure you ask about the waiting area. Do they have proper seating arrangements for your customers and their guest? Is an extra seating space provided inside your salon suite, or outside of it, or is there a separate common waiting area?    

  • Question 6: What are the lease termination terms?

    If you’re planning to have a long-term lease, like 6 months, or a year, it’s important to know the required notice period for the lease termination. There can be many types of circumstances due to which you have to terminate the lease. For example,

    • Financial instability. Lack of getting enough clients.

    • Migration to other cities or countries.

    • A better salon suite rental is available elsewhere at a lower cost.

    • Other suite renters are difficult to deal with.

    • Lack of security.

    • Health or family issues. For example, childbirth.

    • No building renovation is done by the salon owner.

    • Losing clients due to competitors i.e. other renters on the same premises.

    If you want to terminate the lease due to any of the above circumstances, you must be aware of the notice period and penalty for serving the smaller notice period than required.

  • Question 7: What do I need to rent a salon suite?

    This is an important question to ask when renting a salon suite to understand the salon owner’s requirements for tenants. Most salon suite owners require you to show the original cosmetologist license and they keep a copy for their records. They also do background checks and require a certain threshold credit score. Some salon suite owners require you to provide at least 2 references (preferably from the previous property owners). You’d also require one month’s rent as a security deposit to rent a salon suite.

  • Question 8: How much liberty I’ll get?

    And last but not least question to ask when renting a salon suite is how much freedom you’ll have in terms of interiors and outlook.

    Ask whether you’ll be allowed to

    • Hang the brand nameplate outside your salon suite

    • Hang photographs, posters, a clock, and wall pieces

    • Change wall colors (if you’re renting a private salon suite)

    • Bring more chairs for seating in your suite

    • Play the music of your choice

    • Attend a client before or after regular salon hours

    • Bring your color bar, shelves, and cabinets

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