Generate Passive Income for Your Salon Suite Property

Provide a branded directory and efficient booking experience for your suite renters while generating passive income for you with Yottled's convenience fee-sharing model.

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  • What is Yottled?

    Yottled is the premium all-in-one online booking platform for the beauty and wellness industry, trusted by over 7,000 businesses. We handle everything from online appointment scheduling to payment integration, confirmation messages, client data storage, and more.

best salon software for booth renters
  • Free for your tenants. Passive income for you.

    Yottled is free for your renters. We charge a convenience fee of $0.99 per transaction to the end users i.e. buyers of the services. For salon suite property owners - Yottled offers revenue sharing from the convenience fee it makes. This will be an extra source of income for the salon suite property owners.

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  • Centralized booking system with brand integrity to boost bookings

    No need to pay a 3rd-party or IT team to create and maintain a central directory for renters. Yottled takes care of everything seamlessly. Get a cohesive booking experience across all of your tenants to have a brand integrity that yields more bookings, and higher retention.

    All salon tenants get their independent SEO-optimized booking pages that link to your website's centralized directory for an easy and fast booking experience.

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  • Let's talk numbers

    A salon suite property owner with 25 suites/location can expect to add up to $940/mo. or $11,280/year per location in additional passive income - simply by using Yottled and offering it to their tenants.

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  • Value for Tenants

    Yottled is a free booking software for your tenants that you offer as a complimentary facility along with other salon suite amenities. They will save monthly subscription costs which can be $25/mo. to $350/mo. Tenants also get an option of transferring credit card fees to their clients and instantly boost the profits by approx. 3%. On average, your tenants will save $3,500 to $6,000 per annum just by switching to Yottled.

How to get started?

Curious to know more? Talk to our salon suite property business expert to explore more about Yottled's partnership and revenue-sharing model.

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