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Get an efficient and powerful platform for selling services, digital content, and physical products. Get paid instantly for your talent and creativity. Sign up without a credit card and start using Yottled for free right away.

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A Perfect All-in-One Software to Sell Anything

1,000+ businesses are using Yottled to sell digital content, services, products, memberships, and live sessions.

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  • 1. Sell Services

    Create a list of all the services you offer and let customers book them online instantly. Offer salon services, yoga lessons, plumbing, fitness sessions, massage, teaching, counseling, or any service you have the expertise for. We support 25+ industries.

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  • 2. Sell Products

    List physical products on your Yottled online store and sell them instantly.

    • Add product description, attractive images, and brand logo.

    • Share product listings on social media, and emails with ease.

    • Get an option to transfer credit card fees to your customers' final bill. So no more CC fees for your business.

    Get insightful reports for all transactions, inventory, and payments at your fingertips.

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  • 3. Live Streaming

    Organize live 1:1 sessions or group events. Yottled supports live streaming via Zoom, Google Meets, and custom booking links with ease. Your client can self-schedule live consultation sessions and appointments from your digital calendar. We integrate with Google calendar, so no more appointment conflicts.

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  • 4. Memberships

    Selling memberships? We got you covered. Allow your customers to have access to a library of content and services for as long as they are members. Create terms of access, membership expiration date, cancelation & refund policies, and more in minutes.

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  • 5. Recorded Videos

    If you're looking for a platform to list and sell your pre-recorded videos online, you have reached the right place. Yottled's powerful storefront allows you to upload recorded videos and let customers access them as per your terms and condition. Decide access rights of your digital content i.e. one-time paid access, or monthly/yearly/lifetime access.

Features That You Love

Payment Integration

Payment integration can be set up in minutes without any coding and technical requirements. Transfer credit card fees to your clients and instantly save money. Check out this cool calculator to get an idea of your savings in real-time.

Automatic Time-Zone Conversion

Providing live sessions or online consultations on a national or global scale? Eliminate all the timezone-related conflicts and confusion with Yottled's powerful technology that automatically converts the timezones on the basis of users' location.

Booking Links

Create unlimited booking links, share them in text messages, WhatsApp, emails, social media, chatting groups, or anywhere you want, and let clients book directly using those links.

Cancelation and Refund Terms

Take advanced payment, full or partial. Create cancelation and refund terms to reduce last-minute cancelations and no-shows. Make waivers and policy documents to make sure you and your clients are on the same page when they book.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.