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Are you looking for a Mindbody replacement but overwhelmed with options? Explore why 1,000+ businesses have chosen Yottled as the best Mindbody Alternative 

When Mindbody was introduced two decades back, it was an innovative concept. But with time, people started experiencing pain points. Over time, many Mindbody competitors emerged with a fresher outlook and fixed its basic flaws. Yottled is one such software you must consider if you’re looking to replace Mindbody. 

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Quick Summary on Mindbody Alternative

Mindbody is crazily expensive and hard to use. It lists all competitors in one place, forcing everyone to reduce rates to survive in the cut-throat competition. It also requires all customers to create an account on Mindbody. This pesky registration step reduces the conversion rate and revenue even further. 

If you’re also experiencing these pain points and thinking about Mindbody replacement, consider Yottled – one of the best Mindbody alternatives in the industry. 

  • It is an all-inclusive platform offering 20+ important features for free. No extra charges in the name of add-ons and advanced plans. They charge $0.99 to your customers when they book and make a paid transaction. It’s 100% free for businesses.
  • It is super easy to use.
  • Set up and onboarding can be done in minutes, ( Vs. Mindbody’s 2-3 months onboarding and training process)
  • There’s no third-party registration required for clients. 
  • It doesn’t list you with your competitors and indulges you in reducing the prices.

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Here are the top 4 reasons why Yottled is the best Mindbody software alternative

Let’s make a detailed comparison of all the above points for more clarity. 

1. Cost

Are you getting the value for the price you’re paying to Mindbody? Mindbody costs $159 to $699 a month. While Yottled provides almost all necessary features for free. All the features are included and everything is unlimited. Moreover, Mindbody offers many features as “Add-ons” which Yottled provides for free. 

Here are some main features comparison between Yottled and Mindbody.

Note: We have included the basic Mindbody version here as it is the closest to the price point of view.

FeatureYottled | FreeMindbody | $159/month
Online BookingYesYes
Schedule classes, appointments, and resourcesYesYes
CRM to manage clientsYesYes
Staff managementYesYes
Digital formsYesYes
Clients’ digital profiles/ smart contact listsYesOnly with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans
Customizable templates for emailsYesOnly with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans
Memberships YesYes
Autopay recurring billingYesYes
Gift cardsYesYes
Point of sale (PoS)YesYes
Online storefrontYes, for both services and productsYes, only for services OR
Product + services with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans
Branded web pageYesAdd-on at extra cost ORAvailable with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans
Payment processingYesYes
Notifications & RemindersYesYes
Email Campaign BuilderYesOnly with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans
Live streamingYesAdd-on at an extra cost of $49/month
Client feedback, ratings, and reviewsYesYes
Video on Demand (VOD) uploadsYesAdd-on at an extra cost of $99/month
Mobile-friendly booking and purchasing widget on your websiteYesAdd-on at extra cost
Product Inventory TrackingYesYes

Yottled also gives you the option to shift credit card fees of 2.9%+ $0.3 to your customers’ final bill to help you reduce the business costs instantly. Here’s a live calculator showing how much you can save by switching to Yottled. In general, a business with $500k annual revenue gets a guaranteed savings of $19,000.

An overview

When to consider Yottled

Yottled provides almost all the features as Midbody does at a lower cost. 1,000+ customers already trust us. If you need the above features at a lower cost with an easy-to-use interface, consider Yottled.


  • It is highly recommended for those who run virtual classes and provide online services, because live streaming and VOD are expensive add-ons for Mindbody users, while these features are included for free with Yottled subscription. 
  • Yottled is also a preferable option for those who don’t have a website and need a branded webpage. A webpage is included with its subscription while it is a highly expensive feature at Mindbody. 
  • If you’re selling both, products and services, you’re forced to take Mindbody’s Accelerate plan which costs $279/mo. While Yottled supports both product and service selling for free.

2. Account creation and registration for customers 

If you’re looking for a Mindbody alternative, consider this crucial point. To book your services, watch videos, or make a purchase, your clients need to make an account on Mindbody. Then, they have to fill out another form specific to your services. 

People don’t like filling out registration forms even before reaching your services and remembering passwords all the time. Businesses have experienced a high page-abandonment rate at this stage. 

With Yottled, your clients can book any service, access content, buy products and services, and make payments without any third-party registration. In simpler words, your clients don’t need to create an account on Yottled to book anything. It’s a direct, seamless process.

Check out the two below gifs for more clarity. 

Mindbody registration process for clients

The booking process with Yottled 

3. Ease of Usage

Our 50+ customers that replaced Mindbody with Yottled reported that they and their staff find Mindbody too difficult to use. Mindbody’s user-friendliness is always been an issue for its current users. Business owners have observed their employees need to spend a large portion of their time managing the calendar, scheduling, and doing other backend admin work with Mindbody. 

Yottled is super easy-to-use. It is built with the mission of making technology simpler for non-tech savvy people. We have a 72-year-old customer who is using Yottled software without any difficulty! Yottled’s user interface is easy and effortless. 

On average, it is proven that employees are saving 23 hours a month in doing backend admin tasks and managing technology after replacing Mindbody with Yottled. 

Onboarding process: It takes an average of 2 to 3 months to set up Mindbody and train employees to navigate through it. With Yottled, onboarding can be completed in minutes and you’ll get the business running instantly. You and your employees need to take just a half-hour to an hour of training with our onboarding specialist and you’re ready to go! 

4. Listing with Competitors

Mindbody lists you with all your competitors in the nearby area. It’s a double-edged sword. While it is free marketing for a newly started business, it doesn’t work well for already established outlets. People can see all your competitors’ services and prices. In general, the low-rate providers win and others are forced to reduce their fees to stay in the competition. 

Yottled doesn’t have such a “listing” platform. It gives you all the backend tools, an SEO-optimized webpage, email marketing tools, and templates, and integration in social media for better reach. No ‘introduction to competitors’ policy! 

When you refer your business to your hard-earned customers and ask them to book on Mindbody, they may change their minds after seeing all other competitors in the area, which ultimately harms your business.

Still not sure whether to replace Mindbody with Yottled? How about you sign up, start using Yottled instantly, and decide for yourself! No credit card is required. No commitments. No contracts.

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