Appointment Booking Software for Face and Body Painting Artists

appointment booking software and app for face and body painting artists

In the last article, we covered how to create invoices for face-painting services. In this article, we have shown how to enable online appointment booking and scheduling for the face and body painting business. You can choose to request an appointment before the final confirmation.

How to let clients book my face and body painting services online?

Sign up for Yottled. It’s 100% free. Complete the initial setup. It’s a one-time process. Add your business details, work hours, location, etc. Connect Stripe, the payment processor.

Step 1: Add services

  • Go to Sales and select Catalog
  • Hit Create.
  • Add all the services, duration and rates per service or per hour. You can add a description, images, and a custom confirmation message.

On the same service creation page, locate Sales Channel. Keep it Online. Click on the settings button beside it.

Appointment booking for face and body artists
Appointment booking for face and body artists

Step 2: Intake form

Select an intake form from the list or create a new one. If you provide services at the customer’s location, create and add an intake form with an address field.

(to create a contact form: Go to Contact and select Intake forms.)

Step 3: Select a pricing strategy

  • 100% payment upfront online.
  • A partial deposit at the time of booking.
  • The entire payment later on but take the credit card details right now.

Note: If you don’t want to take a customer’s credit card number until you confirm the booking, simply click “Upfront”. But keep the price of the service at $0. Add the rates in the description, instead.

Step 4: Add variants

You can add pricing variants with hours.

For example 1 hour: $200, 2 hours: $180.

Note: If you don’t want to charge a customer until you confirm the request, keep $0 for all the variants and add rates in the description. OR choose the “pay later” pricing strategy.

You’re good to go! Add all the services in the similar way.

As soon as someone books your face and body painting service or requests an appointment, you’ll get an automatic notification in your email and text message.

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