Face Painting Invoice: How to Create Free Invoices for Face Painting?

face painting invoice

If you’re running a face painting, body painting or FSX business, here’s a free method to create invoices for your business. You can send those invoices to your customers’ email and embed the payment link for an easy payout.

In the last article, we covered how face and body paint artists can use appointment booking software to let clients book or request their services. In this article, we’re using Yottled to create a sample face-painting invoice.

5 steps: Create the Face Painting Invoice in less than 5 mins

Step 1: Sign up for Yottled. It’s 100% free. No credit card or commitment is required.

Step 2: Go to Settings and then Payments. Connect Stripe to accept payments for the invoices.

Step 3: Go to Sales and go to All orders. Click on Create.

how to create face painting invoice

Step 4: Go to Add custom item to add the face painting and other services for which you want to create invoices. Add duration and rates.

Step 5: Click on the customer search bar and add a customer to whom you want to send an invoice.

That’s it! Once the face painting invoice is created, send it to the customer. The customer will receive the invoice in the email with the payment link. You can enable tips also.

body and face painting invoices
sample invoice


Do I need Stripe to create an invoice?

Yes, Stripe is our payment partner. To accept online payment at the time of booking an appointment or through invoices, you need Stripe connected.

What other services does Yottled offer to face and body painters?

Online booking, reservation, event registration, automated notifications and reminders, unlimited customer information storage in the CRM, email marketing tools, and gift cards.

What is Yottled’s fees?

Yottled is 100% free for businesses. We charge a small convenience fee to your end customers when they make a payment. Here’s the pricing explainer.

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