Hair Stylist Income Spreadsheet for Salons & Self-Employed Hair Stylists

Hair stylist income sheet

In the previous article, we included a salon expense spreadsheet. In this article, we have covered two excel sheets 1) hair stylist income spreadsheet for services sold and 2) Income from goods sold in a salon. So, without further delay, let’s begin!

Hair Stylist Income Spreadsheet with a Customizable Template

It is crucial for hair stylists and salon owners to keep track of their income and expenses with profound accuracy. The below self-employed hair stylist income spreadsheet can be used by beauty salons, nail salons, and hair salons, as well.

Access and customize the below sheet: Hair Stylist Income Sheet

This is a sample income spreadsheet for salons with random numbers.

ServicesNumber of ServicesPer service rateTotal
Men’s services
Men’s basic haircut39$20$780
Kids’ haircut21$15$315
Short Hair + Cropped Fringe21$45$945
Skin Fade + Blunt Cut Fringe33$60$1,980
Buzzcut + Shape Up + Disconnected Beard12$15$180
Short Textured Haircut For Men56$35$1,960
High Fade + Loose Pompadour24$25$600
High Fade + Textured Quiff Haircut23$30$690
Men’s advanced hairstyle/cut -112$15$180
Men’s advanced hairstyle/cut -221$45$945
Men’s advanced hairstyle- 3…33$60$1,980
Blow dry12$15$180
Beard grooming/styling56$35$1,960
Head massage34$50$1,700
Shoulder massage12$50$600
Hair Color22$60$1,320
Beard color10$25$250
Mustache color16$15$240
Face and neck detan35$75$2,625
Root touchup10$25$250
Shampoo and conditioner16$15$240
Hair and scalp treatment35$75$2,625
Hair spa16$75$1,200
other service-10$60$0
other service-20$25$0
other service-30$15$0
Women’s services
Women’s basic haircut39$20$780
Butterfly Haircut23$30$690
Air Bangs21$45$945
Long Pixie33$60$1,980
U Cut56$35$1,960
V cut24$25$600
Waterfall Cut34$50$1,700
Women’s haircut-112$50$600
Women’s haircut -222$60$1,320
Women’s haircut -3…10$25$250
Women’s basic hairstyle35$75$2,625
Classic Low Chignon39$20$780
Vintage Curls23$30$690
Long, Smooth Curls26$60$1,560
Women’s hair style-124$25$600
Women’s hair style-215$50$750
Women’s hair style-3…12$50$600
Basic perm11$60$660
Spiral perm1$25$25
Body wave perm3$15$45
Beach wave perm35$75$2,625
Pin curl perm5$20$100
Partial perm23$30$690
Root perm21$45$945
Other perms33$60$1,980
Hair color- short hair12$15$180
Hair color- medium hair56$35$1,960
Hair color- long hair24$25$600
Roller Setting1$50$50
Shampoo & Conditioning22$60$1,320
Scalp Treatment- type 135$75$2,625
Scalp Treatment- type 223$20$460
Hair spa25$30$750
Oiling with Head and neck massage21$45$945
Root Touch Up33$60$1,980
Other service-10$15$0
Other service-23$35$105
Other service-3…16$25$400
Revenue from services(A)$64,880
Paid by gift cards redemption (B)$2,500
Gross revenue from services sold C (A-B)$62,380

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We have included all the major types of services that a hair salon or a self-employed hair stylist provides in this printable hair stylist income spreadsheet. To use the data effectively,

  • Access the spreadsheet and copy-paste everything to your excel sheet. Alternatively, download it by clicking on File and Download from the upper left-side menu.
  • Remove the services you don’t offer.
  • Add additional services like waxing, threading, beauty treatment, facials, manicure, pedicures, etc., if you’re offering them.
  • To add more services: right-click on the spreadsheet, hit Insert, and click on Add new raw above/below.
  • Change the rates and number of services with real data.

We have already provided all the equations and formulas for profit calculation in the spreadsheet.

Why gift card redemption is deducted?

We have already included income from all the gift cards sold in the salon income spreadsheet. Now, irrespective of whether a gift card is being redeemed or not, you have already received an income from it.

For example, you have sold gift cards worth $5,000. But in that month, customers redeemed gift cards worth $3,000 to pay for the services.

You have provided services worth $3,000, and not $5000. But you have already received $5,000 this month. So, if you show your income from gift cards as $5,000 and services worth $3,000, it will either show $8,000 as income from gift cards, or $2000 in discrepancy which results in an accounting error. That’s why deduct the payment made through gift cards in the income statement and enter the entire amount of gift cards sold in the income spreadsheet.

Income From Goods Sold For Salons

It is the most common thing for salons to sell physical products on their premises. This practice

  • provides an additional income,
  • strengthens the relations with the salon products suppliers, and
  • helps salons to get their daily usage products at a further discounted cost.

Here is a simple income spreadsheet template for hair stylists and salons to calculate profit from the goods sold. Because it involves a complicated calculation and this spreadsheet is made for self-employed hair stylists or small salons, we haven’t included inventory, opening stock, and closing stock here.

To customize the income spreadsheet: Access the template

Product nameUnits soldPurchase priceSelling priceProfit
Shampoo bottles Brand-163$20$25$315
Conditioner Brand-123$10$30$460
Hair oil Brand-133$15$35$660
Hair dye/color Brand-122$50$60$220
Hair cream5$53$75$110
Massage cream39$12$20$312
Anti-dandruff therapy kit8$14$30$128
Hair falls defense kit21$40$45$105
Sculp treatment kit10$21$25$40
Hair styling products Product-143$10$15$215
Other products-154$18$45$1,458
Other products-22$25$60$70
Other products-3…12$13$15$24
Revenue from goods sold$6,169

This is just a simple salon income template example with the common products sold in a hair salon. Just copy-paste and customize it with the real data. If you sell beauty products or nail art products, add them, too.

Final Words on Hair Stylist Income Spreadsheet

We hope our templates helped you to get a direction on how to calculate income and expenses for your salon. You can automate a lot of these calculations by using a 100% free all-in-one software like Yottled that keeps track of all your income from services and goods sold. Also, don’t forget to access our salon income and expense spreadsheet to calculate accurate profits.

 If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, check out our other article on 3 tricks to reduce salon costs.

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