Massage SOAP Notes Example + Printable Template

massage soap notes example

What is a SOAP Note in Massage Therapy?

The SOAP note is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Application, and Plan. It is used by medical and paramedical professionals, massage therapists, dieticians, nutritionists, and similar professionals. The SOAP note is created to keep the patient’s data organized and use it for future reference. In massage therapy, SOAP notes contain details such as the patient’s illness, complaints, goals for taking a massage, the changes in the patient’s condition after taking a massage, self-care recommendations, plans for future massages, etc.

We have explained each part of the SOAP note for massage therapists later in this article.

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Massage Therapy Soap Notes Template

Here is a printable and customizable SOAP note template for massage therapists.

Use this link: to download it and customize it for your future use or print this massage SOAP note example template.

massage soap notes example template printable
Free printable SOAP note template for massage therapy. To print or customize this SOAP note, use this link

Massage Soap Notes Example

If you’re wondering how to create a massage therapy SOAP note and what to write in each field, the below explanation and the example will help.


Here you enter all the data provided by the patient/client or their family members. You can include

  • health conditions
  • pain in any particular body parts
  • since when they have a health condition
  • treatments clients have taken so far and their results
  • goal (what improvements the patient is expecting out of the massage therapy)


In this part of the massage therapy SOAP note, the therapist will write facts of his/her findings and assessments of the client’s condition. The patient’s height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, documented medical condition, prescribed medications, etc. falls into this part.

Subjective vs. objective in SOAP notes: Anything that’s said by the patient or their family members will come in the subjective part. Everything with visible proof will go into the objective field.

Example 1

  • Subjective: The patient says he has stress and lack of sleep issues. 
  • Objective: The patient shares a file from a physician confirming insomnia and stress.

Example 2

  • Subjective: The patient reported that she has pain in her right leg.
  • Objective: The patient has documents showing she met an accident 4 months back which caused injury in her right leg’s thigh region.

Example 3

  • Subjective: The patient looks overweight.
  • Objective: The therapist notes height and weight and calculates the BMI that falls into the obese category.  


This part of the massage SOAP note contains

  • The treatment/type of massage applied by the therapist,
  • The material used and their ingredients,
  • Client’s response to the therapy


Mention plans for future therapy and self-care recommendation provided to the clients.

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Massage Therapist Massage Soap Notes Example

Patient NameJane Doe
Name of Massage TherapistBob
Age36 years
Date of the SOAP note20 Sept 2022
Subjective (info about the client)
Pain in back, shoulders and neck
Has sedentary lifestyle
Suffering from stress and anxiety
Expecting relaxation and pain relief from massage      
Objective (Practitioner’s reported findings)
Taking XYZ prescribed medicine for stress relief and insomnia since 2016.
Has forward head posture.
Had a fracture in her right leg due to an accident in Jan 2022 and still recovering.
Takes deep-tissue massage therapy once a month.
Overweight with 29 BMI.
Had a c-section in Feb 2020.        
Application (Summary of therapy + patient’s response)
Provided Deep Tissue Massage  
Oils used: sweet marjoram and German chamomile  
The client reported that she received stress relief and some back pain relief  
The client felt pain in the right thigh while applying the pressure and requested to avoid that part.      
Plan (plan for future sessions + self-care at home)
1 deep tissue massage therapy every month.
Aromatherapy for stress relief, once every two months.  
Home-care recommendation: start low-impact exercises like yoga, Pilates, and swimming until she recovers from the injury. Meditation to manage anxiety issues.        
Massage SOAP notes example

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