Free Electronic & Digital SOAP Notes for Massage Therapy

electronic soap notes massage therapy

A guide on how to create free SOAP notes for massage therapy using Yottled

If you’re wondering how to create digital SOAP notes for your massage therapy business, we have a perfect solution for you. Yottled helps you create free SOAP notes that will be synced with the CRM.

Here are the top 3 reasons Yottled is getting a popular platform for creating and storing SOAP notes.  

  • CRM sync: Store SOAP notes in CRM along with the client’s profile.
  • Future access: Access SOAP notes in the future along with all the client’s details such as contact info, history of past therapies, payment methods, demographics, etc.
  • Data storage: No worries about destroying or misplacing any SOAP note because Yottled stores everything on a secured encrypted cloud platform.

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How To Create Free Massage SOAP Notes with Yottled

There are two main methods to create and store massage therapy SOAP notes.

1) Create digitally.

2) Upload a physical SOAP note in the CRM with the client’s profile.

Let’s explore both options.

1) Create Digital SOAP Notes

If your massage therapists prefer typing the SOAP notes in the software itself, here’s the way they can do so using Yottled.

Step 1: Sign up for free. No credit card or contract is required.

Step 2: Go to Contacts. Select Create from the right-hand side.

massage soap notes

Step 3: Add contacts (i.e., clients for which you want to create SOAP notes) manually or import/upload the CSV file.

Step 4: Select the contact (client) and go to Notes. Select Add new notes. Write down the details of your SOAP note and save it.

soap notes massage therapy
An image showing how to create digital SOAP notes for massage therapy using Yottled

You can access this SOAP note anytime you want, along with the client’s other details such as history, payment methods, and other demographics. Create as many SOAP notes as you want and edit them in the future.

2) Upload A Physical SOAP Note in The CRM With the Client’s Profile.

Follow the first 3 steps from above.

Step 4: Select the client for which you want to create the massage SOAP note. Go to Files.

massage therapy software with soap notes
How to upload free massage SOAP notes in CRM

Step 5: Select Upload file to upload the scanned copy, picture, word doc, or pdf of the SOAP note you have created.

OR you can download this Massage Therapy SOAP Note template, customize it in a Word file and upload it here. Or print it, write down SOAP notes manually, and upload the copy in the section.

Yottled is the Best Software for Massage SOAP Notes: Here’s Why

With Yottled, you can create and store any type of SOAP notes, whether it’s a digital one, in a Word doc or pdf, or a physical scanned copy to upload. Here are the features you’ll get for your spa and massage business.

  • SOAP notes
  • CRM
  • Online booking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Email marketing tools
  • Automated notifications and reminders (email and text)
  • Payment integration
  • Physical PoS
  • Sharable booking links
  • Advanced non-refundable/partially refundable deposits
  • Social media integration
  • Event Registration
  • Gift card creation, selling, and redemption
  • Coupon and promo codes
  • And more.

The best part is, that all these features are 100% free for businesses. We have a “you grow, we grow” pricing model. Here, we charge a small convenience fee to your clients when they book a massage with your business.

Sign up without credit cards or contracts! It’s super easy and efficient. That’s why 1,000+ businesses trust Yottled.

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