Storm Themed Spa Room: Meaning, Price, Reviews

storm theme spa room

While most spas tend to be peaceful, and aromatic places to rejuvenate, there are new-generation spas that offer a variety of experiences to reconnect with nature and when we say “nature”, it’s not always silent! Nature also includes roaring seas to breathtaking cyclones! One of the latest themed spas is the storm room spa. Let’s explore what is a storm theme spa room, and its availability, prices and reviews. 

Storm Theme Spa Room: Meaning

The storm room spa consists of a swimming pool around which an artificial thunderstorm is stimulated. There is constant water pouring from the showers and fountains above to give you the drenching in heavy rain experience. The projector shows cloudy foggy weather with lighting strikes on walls and ceilings to provide the visual effect of a storm. The big hidden speakers play the sounds of rain, lightning bolt, and cloud burst. 

The storm themed spa rooms are created to give people a thrilling experience of a thunderstorm without the risk of getting hurt. People can enjoy what it feels like being in the ocean or lake while heavy rain is pouring, and clouds are bursting with lighting strikes. 

Here’s what a storm room spa experience looks like. 

It’s like people go to theme parks or movies for entertainment and enjoy roller coasters or horror movies, no matter how scary they are. In the same way, some people go to spas not only for relaxation but to have a variety of thrilling experiences. 

Storm Themed Spa Room Location

At this moment, storm theme spa is offered by QC Therme’s one of the spas located in Milan, Italy. It is known as QC Termemilano and is situated at Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro, 2 angolo Via Filippetti 20135 Milano. 

Storm Themed Spa Cost 

The entry fees at QC Termemilano start from 46€ and go up to 62€. This entry fee allows you access to the storm pool and all other 28 wellness practices and amenities on the premises such as 

  • Water and salt room, 
  • The hay district biosauna, 
  • Monte Tabor room, 
  • La scighera steam bath, 
  • The historical thousand blue bubbles pools,
  • Vichy shower Milan l’è on gran Milan
  • and more. 

Here is the fee structure in detail to access storm themed spa pool.

storm Themed Spa Cost 
storm themed spa room prices
Storm spa room prices at QC Termemilano

The entry fee doesn’t include massages, wellness treatments, and food. You need to buy the massages, treatments and buffets as add-ons from their website. 

Indoor Storm-Themed Spa Room Reviews 

When pictures and videos of storm theme spa got viral in June 2022, people had mixed reactions. Some found the idea of the thunderstorm stimulated spa scary and bizarre while others expressed a high degree of interest in visiting it. Here are some storm theme spa room reviews taken from Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. 

“All your normal worries are suddenly so small and insignificant if you’re in the middle of a storm. This is how you achieve inner peace.”

“Ah, yes, nothing like a trip to the incoming hurricane room to relax you.”

“Rain needs to be a bit cold but the water warm for that weird feeling of warm blanket and rain on the tin roof. This would be my happy place for sure.”

“I got instant anxiety. After being through many hurricanes and seeing the aftermath, no thank you.”

“And then after the session, you’ll feel like you’re a storm survivor.”

“This is actually cool. There is a lot of dumb rich people stuff out there, but this isn’t one of them.”

“I don’t think I could relax in a simulated outdoor environment with flashing like that, I’d just be awaiting death by lightning strike “

“Honestly… seeing this it’s the first time in my life that I find a spa interesting.”

This is relaxing for me. Normalcy and calmness make me anxious because I’m usually in a chaotic environment (people-wise) and during stuff like this.”

Ah yes, relaxing, it’s amazing to be in the middle of the ocean with a storm that would make the toughest man pray to every single god at the same time”

“This seems so comforting. I was never a person who enjoyed hot sunshine, and rain smelled great and made me feel content. “

Or a cheaper way is just live in Florida.”

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