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Don’t like your current salon software but know sure how to switch to a new salon software? We hear you. It can be a daunting process to migrate your entire business from one salon software to another. But it’s not as difficult as you imagine if you choose the right software which is easy to navigate. Let’s explore how to migrate to new salon software in less than 15 minutes.

Choose Yottled as your new salon software because Yottled is

  • 100% free for salons and beauticians
  • Super easy to use and navigate
  • Gives you the option to transfer payment processing fees to your clients and instantly increase the profit by approx. 3%.
  • 30+ super-efficient features. All are included. Everything is unlimited.

How about you sign up, explore the software and then decide? No credit card or commitment is required.

7 Quick Steps: How to Switch to New Salon Software in 15 Minutes

Here are some steps you need to follow to switch from your old salon software to the new one.

Step-1: Sign up to Yottled.com

Use this link to sign up. All you need is to fill out a simple 5-field form containing your name, phone, email address, business name, and approx. business revenue range to select.

No credit card, No contract. No commitments.

Step 2: Add Your Salon Services

Add your services one by one along with their duration and rates.

Later on, you can customize these services from Sales – Catalog.

You can add images, descriptions, available employees, and a lot more custom details.

switch to new salon software

Step 3: Add Payment Conditions

Do you want to take entire payment upfront, a partial deposit, or the full payment later on? Select an appropriate payment condition.

how to accept online tips for salon

Step 4: Set Your Business Hours

You can set the general business hours at the time of onboarding. Later on, you’ll be able to customize the timing for each employee, add custom availability, and block personal time off.

set business hours for salons, how to set hours in yottled for salon

Step 5: Connect to Stripe

Yottled partners with Stripe for secure payment processing. You must create or already have a Stripe account in order to accept payments and use Yottled’s online booking facility.

Go to Settings—Payments to connect to your Stripe account.

how to accept payment for salon, payment integration for salons

Step 6: Add Employees (if any) and Their Digital Calendars

Go to SettingsStaff. Click Add Staff button to add extra employees. You can add their email address, time zones, and permission (roles) here.

switch to new salon software, add employees

Set custom hours for staff, If required.

  • Go to Calendar,
  • Bring your cursor to the employee’s name,
  • Click on the 3 dots beside the employee’s name,
  • Click on Settings,
  • Set employee availability, connect to their Google calendar, and do other settings.

Step 7: Migrate Your Existing Customers’ Data on Yottled

Go to Contact, select All contacts, and hit Create button.

That’s all! You have completed all the basic steps to switch from your salon software to Yottled.

100% Free Migration

If you require any help in shifting your existing appointments from your old salon software to a new one, you can either do it manually by going to Calendar from the top menu bar. Or you can write us to hello@yottled.com

Our team will help you to migrate all your appointments from the old salon software. All the migration support is free, as well.

3 Concerns About Switching to a New Salon Software

  1. Migration is expensive: It depends on which software you choose. Some software providers, like Boulevard, charge extra fees for providing migration support. While Migration and training are always free with Yottled.
  2. Employees are going to resist switching to a new salon software: All salon software are different. There will be a learning curve. But if you choose an easy software like Yottled, this learning curve is going to be 1 to 2 days only. If you choose a heavy software like Mindbody or WellnessLiving, it will require your staff 4 to 6 months of training to adapt it.
  3. Loss of business in the transition time: Not with Yottled. Our customers can switch to Yottled from their old salon software in 15 minutes. If it’s a big salon and a large number of appointments are needed to be shifted, Yottled teamwill take 1 day to fully migrate you over. Here is Niani’s migration case study to consider.

Switch to a New Salon Software: 3 Main Reasons

1) Cost: You can reduce your business cost by saving the subscription cost of the salon software. Switch to Yottled. It is 100% free for salons. Here’s the pricing explainer.

2) Eliminate credit card fees: This is a unique feature and less than 1% of salon software offers this. Yottled gives you the option to transfer payment processing fees to your customers’ final bills and increase your profit by approx..3% instantly.

3) Unlimited usage: Another best reason to switch to the new salon software is that you’ll get all the features with unlimited usage with Yottled. Add unlimited employee calendars, send unlimited marketing and notification emails, and use all other features for completely free without any restrictions.

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