Vagaro Vs. Yottled: The Best Vagaro Alternative

the best vagaro alternative

Whether you’re looking for a Vagaro replacement or in the process of shortlisting a suitable software for your business, check out Yottled before making a final decision. Yottled is the best Vagaro alternative because it is 100% free for businesses, includes all features, and everything is unlimited. Plus, Yottled is way easier to use from the admin side and provides a user-friendly booking experience for the final customers. 

Yottled is one of Vagaro’s biggest competitors and here’re why businesses choose Yottled over Vagaro. 

3 Key Benefits of Replacing Vagaro with Yottled 

1. Cost

Vagaro: $25/employee and a large feature sets as an add-on.

Yottled: Everything is free, unlimited, forever. Pricing explainer

For every essential feature that a business requires on a daily basis, Vagaro has a paid “add-on” option. Yottled offers all the features for free with unlimited usage. 

Vagaro Vs. Yottled: Side-by-Side Comparison 

Employees$25/per team memberFree, unlimited team members.
Pricing explainer
Online bookingIncludedIncluded
Text Notifications & Reminders$20/monthFree
Forms $10/monthFree
Online Store $10/monthFree
Live Stream $10/monthFree
Storage (files, notes, digital documents)$10/monthFree
Website Builder $10/monthFree
Email notifications + marketing emailsFree 1,000 emails per month. Additional cost for more emails.Free, unlimited.
Gift cardsFreeFree
Scheduling of rooms and resources YesYes
Autopay recurring billingYesYes
Point of sale (PoS) machineYes, with one-time charges (non-refundable).Yes, with refundable deposit
Branded web pageYesYes
Booking widget on your websiteYesYes
Client feedback, ratings, and reviewsYesYes
Yottled: The best Vagaro alternative

Stop paying subscription fees every month to Vagaro and shift your business to Yottled. Don’t pay extra for essential features like forms, text messages, website builder, storage, etc. Yottled is a huge cost-saving solution for bigger teams. Unlike Vagaro, which charges for each employee’s digital calendar, Yottled allows you to add as many employee accounts and physical locations as you want. 

A business with 5 employees saves $2,400 to $4,500 per year just by switching to Yottled from Vagaro.

2. The registration process at checkout

Vagaro: Pesky registration and sign-up process for end customers.

Yottled: Easy booking experience without any account registration process.

Detailed review

No one likes creating accounts and remembering user IDs and passwords. This makes the checkout process lengthy and unnecessarily complicated, especially for seniors and non-tech-savvy people. Yottled decided to remove this barrier after doing thorough market research and understanding customers’ pain points of losing business due to the signup process. 

Vagaro makes each of your customers register with Vagaro and create an account to complete the checkout process. Then your customers must sign in with their user ID and password to book your services again. 

Yottled doesn’t have any registration requirements. Your customers can select the services, fill out the intake form (designed by you), make the payment, and complete the booking in less than 1 minute. Yottled offers a faster and super convenient checkout experience compared to Vagaro.

3. Marketplace 

Vagaro: Lists you with all your competitors in the nearby area, which is the fastest way to lose your hard-earned customers and even employees.

Yottled: Against the marketplace concept. It lets you run your business and booking page independently with maximum white labeling. 

You’re bringing customers to your booking page after genuine word-of-mouth publicity and marketing efforts. But when they reach your business’s booking page on Vagaro, they get an option to search and see all your competitors’ services and prices in the nearby area. You lose the business right from the doorstep! In general, the low-rate providers win and others are forced to reduce their fees to stay in the competition. 

Yottled doesn’t have such a “listing” platform. It gives all the backend tools to help you manage your business efficiently, without diverting your hard-earned customers to your competitors. 

Wrapping up on Vagaro Alternative

Still not sure whether to replace Vagaro with Yottled? How about you sign up, start using Yottled instantly, and decide for yourself? No credit card is required. No commitments. No contracts.

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