What is a Nail Salon PoS System? How to get it for Free?

nail salon pos system

Not sure how to accept payments for your nail salon? Check out this article where we have covered the 3 types of point-of-sale systems for nail salons.

Nail Salon PoS System: Meaning

Nail salon Point of sale, also known as PoS, is a system to accept money from your clients. It can be a physical machine, Software to embed in the physical PoS terminal, or Virtual PoS software.

1. Nail Salon PoS System Device

This is a machine where you swipe, insert, or tap the payment cards. It can be a small wireless device or a bulky wired machine attached to the computer screen. It reads the payment card data, asks the clients to insert the pin (sometimes), and prints or sends digital receipts. You still need a PoS software to manage all the payments, receipts and client data. The nail salon PoS system costs $200 to $2,700. The software costs are extra.

Nail salon PoS system
Nail salon PoS system

2. Nail Salon PoS Software

You need this software to keep track of billing amounts, transaction details, and other customer data. Nail salon PoS software is clubbed with the physical PoS device, either through wires, Bluetooth, or WiFi.

Caution: Software provides themselves provide the physical device, either at a one-time cost, monthly rental, instalment, or with a refundable deposit. One software may or may not work on other devices. Therefore, before buying a PoS device, buy the software first.

The nail salon PoS software typically ranges from $20/Mo. to $800/Mo., depending on the features and amenities you choose. You can get nail salon PoS software for 100% free with Yottled. Here’s the pricing explainer.

The Nail salon PoS software generally comes with the following features

  • Online appointment booking
  • Staff scheduler
  • CRM to store client data
  • Gift cards redemption options
  • Promo and discount code generator, etc.

3. Nail Salon Virtual PoS

Virtual PoS software for nail salons doesn’t require any physical device to accept money. It’s a standalone payment system. You can manually enter the client’s credit card or debit card number at the time of checkout to accept the payment.

  • Your customers can also make a payment by themselves at the time of booking your appointment online.
  • Moreover, take payment in cash, bank check, Venmo, or any other way at your premises and mark the transaction as “paid” in the software to keep track of each payment.

Yottled is a free nail salon virtual software that works as a standalone PoS or can be combined with the physical PoS device. It’s an all-in-one PoS software. Get a nail salon PoS system device with a $300 refundable deposit.

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