What is Peloton Gym? Everything You Need to Know

what is peloton gym, peloton free

Peloton brand has a reputation for being an expensive fitness solution for athletes and a niche of rigorous fitness freaks. Its treadmills, workout bikes, and the movement tracker named Peloton Guide are Peloton’s signature products. It also has a paid app, ranging from $12.99/mo. to $44/mo., with thousands of pre-recorded and live exercise videos from expert coaches. This time Peloton has included a free version, Peloton Gym, in the app.

In this article, we have covered what is Peloton Gym and how it works.

Peloton Gym: Detailed Overview

What is Peloton Gym?: Peloton Gym is a free workout program offered in Peloton mobile app. It is available on Android and iOS from 25 May 2023. Peloton Gym has 50 different workout modules, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. You can also access live metrics, Leaderboard, workout history, and the ability to stream it on your favorite smart devices such as TV, computer, laptop, smartwatch, and tablet.

Type of workout: Peloton Gym has full body Strength training modules and also separate workouts tutorial targeting individual body parts like Arms, Shoulders, Core, Chest & Back. You can expect the following exercise types in the Peloton Gym.

  • EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute, which is a high-intensity training)
  • Supersets (Back-to-back two exercises without resting between exercises)
  • Circuits (Time-based three or more exercises done in multiple rounds)

Some workouts include dumbbells, barbells, and other prompts, while others can be done without any extra instruments/weights. You can do these workouts in your home, gym, or while traveling.

Difference Between Free Peloton Gym and Peloton’s Paid Tiers

The biggest difference between the Peloton app’s paid membership plans and the free Peloton gym is that the paid versions have time-based pre-recorded videos and live classes that you can take with the instructors. While Peloton Gym has short video tutorials to demonstrate the moves and descriptions where you just see the tutorial, read the description, and do it at your own pace. It’s on you how many reps you are doing and at which speed. It has a timer on the top. Once you complete the workout, manually swipe it to mark the completion.

No Milestones: Unlike Peloton’s paid app version, there isn’t any reward system or milestones celebration in the free tier. No motivational badges, points, or medals are awarded for completing the workout.

No Live Tutorials: With paid accounts, you can participate in the live classes streaming directly from Peloton’s studios based out in New York and London. You won’t have access to live classes in the free Peloton Gym version.

Customized Programs: In the paid Peloton version, special workout programs, and challenges are designed to meet your goals. No such customization and guidance are provided with the free tier. You just need to self-select from the 50 modules that you’re comfortable doing and do it at your own pace.

 Peloton Gym-Free  Peloton App One  Peloton App+  
 PriceFree$12.99/mo. OR $129/year$24/mo. OR $240/year
Cardio equipment classes: Cycling, treadmill, & rowing Limited free classes3 per monthUnlimited
Strength, cardio, Pilates, meditation, outdoor running, & more Limited free classesUnlimitedUnlimited
Programs and challenges NoYesYes
Exclusive classes NoNoYes
Just Work Out & Peloton Gym YesYesYes
Live metrics YesYesYes
Leaderboard YesYesYes
Cadence tracking NoNoYes
Equipment required No equipment neededNo equipment neededNo equipment needed
Profiles for 1 profile1 profile1 profile
Stream on your favorite smart devices YesYesYes
Live classes NoYesYes
Difference Between Free Peloton Gym and Peloton’s Paid Tiers

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