Yoga Advertisement: 10 Ready-to-Use Free Templates, Ad Copies, Flyers, and Posters

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Get 10 best customizable yoga flyers and poster templates to use instantly for your yoga class advertisements

In this article, we have hunted down the internet and came up with 10 free creative yoga ad templates that you can instantly use as yoga posters, flyers, banners, and also in social media posts. We have also included yoga class invitation wording which you can use inside your yoga flyer to reach the right audience. Feel free to use those ad copies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads, too.

So, without further delay, let’s explore 10 yoga ad ideas.

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Yoga Advertisement Ideas for Classes Designed for Working Professionals and Students

If your target audience is working professionals and students, emphasize the issues they are facing which you can solve with your yoga asanas and meditation. It is not uncommon to feel stress, lack of concentration, faded decision-making skills, and anxiety over work and studies.

You can use these words in your ad copies

“Attain stress-relief and relaxation you always looking for”

“Our yoga sessions

  • Helps you to stay calm, creative, and spontaneous
  • Strengthens the mind, and improves focus
  • Enhances your decision making and problem-solving skills”

Check out this cool sample yoga flyer that we created for free using Canva.

To customize this free yoga ad template: Use this link  (Account registration is required)

After making changes, click on “Share” to see the download option.

yoga class advertisement Idea,
private yoga flyer,
yoga banner
Yoga advertisement ideas for classes designed for working professionals and students

Advertisement Ideas for Beach Yoga

People love the beach yoga concept because they get pure oxygen, natural sunlight, and a pleasant view which accelerates the yoga’s benefits even further.

Here’s a beach yoga creative poster idea. All you need to do here is to write down your yoga class/instructor name, venue, and timing. We have used stock images. You can keep them or upload your own images.

Advertisement wordings:

Enjoy outdoors| Relax your body| Enrich life

Beach Yoga

  • Posture correction
  • Alignment
  • Alleviate mental health issues
  • Increased flexibility

Use this free template to customize: Beach yoga flyer sample

free yoga class template,
advertising yoga class poster
Yoga advertisement idea for beach yoga

Feel free to keep the yoga ad copy as it is or change it as per your yoga offerings.

As you can see, this yoga poster includes all the details needed for the promotion.

  1. Beach yoga images
  2. Date, time, and venue
  3. Type of yoga being offered
  4. Benefits
  5. Booking link (Use Yottled to get online booking and payment links)

Yoga Studio Advertisement Example with Detailed Benefits

Being a yoga instructor, you know how transformative yoga can be. It’s not just about fancy poses to stretch the body. But it brings changes on a mental and spiritual level, too. Use a yoga flyer design that provides a sufficient space for you to embed those values and convey them to your clients.

After doing headhunting for hours, we found a free yoga ad template that lets you add more wordings and yet, looks attractive.

Feel free to keep the ad copy words as they are or change them as per your requirements.

Click this link: To customize this template

free yoga class template,
yoga creative poster, yoga posters free
Free yoga class flyer

Yoga Ad for Online Yoga Classes

After the pandemic lives yoga streaming, virtual group yoga events, on-demand videos, and private 1:1 online yoga sessions become the new normal. If you’re also having the same business model, here are the two-sample yoga templates you can instantly customize and use as a flyer, poster, or brochure.

Online yoga advertisement 1

This is a vibrant, colorful ad copy for virtual yoga sessions’ promotion.

It includes a stock image that showcases an online yoga tutor. You can keep it or replace it with your personal image.

Important note: Include a booking and registration link in the template itself if you’re going to use it for online promotion on social media and email. If you don’t have a booking and payment page yet, check out Yottled, the best booking software for yoga classes

To customize this free yoga template: Use this link

Online yoga advertisement idea, yoga template, sample yoga flyer
Free flyer sample for online yoga classes

Online yoga advertisement 2

This is another yoga ad template for online yoga classes. Unlike the previous flyer, which was a more vibrant one, this is simple and professional. If you don’t like loud designs, you can use this template for your virtual classes.

To make a yoga ad flyer similar to the below one: Use this template

Don’t forget to make add a link on the “register here” tab.

Creative yoga poster for virtual yoga, yoga posters free
Yoga creative poster for online classes

Yoga studio advertisement sample

If you have a local yoga studio or classes and want a simple flyer or banner, check out the sample flyers we created below.

Add your logo, the type of yoga you offer, time, address, and booking links. Upload original images from your classes to make them look authentic.

Ad copy wording: “Attain an inner peace and perfect physical health with [your brand] yoga studio.”

If you’re going to upload it on social media, embed the booking link on the “Book now” tab. If you’re not sure how to get a booking page with a self-checkout facility and payment processor, all you need is Yottled, the best yoga software.

To customize this sample yoga flyer: Use this link

free yoga advertisement template, yoga banner, yoga creative poster
Creative flyer idea for a yoga studio

Outdoors Yoga Advertisement Template

If you’re organizing yoga sessions in open spaces like gardens, fields, or woods, use a template that reflects the connection with nature.

To provide you with an example, we have used a template with a beautiful flower which is an attention-grabbing yoga flyer design for nature lovers. We have used pastel colors to give even more flowery effects.

Ad copy: “Yoga in bright sunlight with a beautiful meadow view. Get benefits of natural vitamin D and a joyful mental state with our garden yoga program.”

We used this free template to build this garden yoga ad flyer: Free outdoor and garden yoga ad template (Account registration required)

yoga class advertisement template
Garden yoga poster template

Simple and Elegant Yoga Class Invitation Wording and Templates

If you’re starting a yoga class, it is important for you to choose the right yoga logo, name, and marketing methods. Sending physical flyers and online invitation cards on social media and in emails is highly recommended. Use these yoga class advertisement templates to invite more clients.

We made this flyer using Picmaker’s free template. This is a simple and graceful yoga studio invitation advertisement example that covers all the necessary information.

Here, we have included a stock image of a meditating woman, reflecting the peace and serenity. Please click on the below link and customize it as per your requirement. 

Check out this link: To customize this free yoga ad flyer

yoga ads ideas, advertising yoga class poster
Yoga class advertisement template

Yoga Ad Poster Idea for Workshops Invitation.

We made this modest and no-drama poster for yoga workshops. You can use it as a physical poster, and flyer or upload it on social media. This poster conveys the date, timings, and address. It also mentions values like inner peace and core strength that your clients expect out of the yoga sessions.

Check out this link: To customize this poster and use it for free

Ad copy: Gain Inner Peace |Strengthen Your Core | Enrich life

Yoga class invitation wording,
free yoga class template
Yoga class invitation flyer ideas

Yoga Flyer Templates: Studio and Online

Here is our last shortlisted free yoga template. We haven’t mentioned a physical location or clarified whether it’s an online class. You can use it for both. Customize this powerful yoga flyer/poster using the link below.

Yoga ad copy wordings:

Learn and embrace yoga

Why do yoga?

◘ Weight Management

◘ Sleep Better

◘ Increase Energy

◘ Improve Posture

◘ Find Inner Calmness

◘ Be A Part Of Something

To make this poster, we have used this base: Customize this template for free

yoga class flyer, yoga flyer template
Sample yoga flyer

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