The Best Lash Salon Software for Booking and Scheduling

Simplify the tedious admin work and have better control over your lash business management with Yottled's lash booking site. Yottled is a simple and customizable lash booking site made with robust technology. Equipped with 30+ industry-leading features.

lash booking app

Easy-Breezy & Sturdy Lash Tech Booking Site

Remember how many people called you during the day and night to schedule their lash appointment and you have to leave your work to attend the call? Now, it's time to let clients book eyelash extensions online with Yottled's powerful lash booking app.


Online Self-Scheduling

Give your clients the convenience to check your available time slots and self-schedule the lash appointment at a time that suits them.

Online Payments

Let customers pay a partial deposit or the full amount at the time of online booking. Charge advance non-refundable deposits to protect your business from no-shows and cancellations.

Automated Notifications

You and the clients get automated appointment confirmation messages and reminders via text and emails to make sure everyone is in sync.

Lash Appointments Details at Your Fingertips

Don't miss any appointment details now. Everything is accessible from your admin dashboard easily.


Sleek Digital Calendar

Track all your upcoming and past lash extension appointments from an insightful digital scheduler. Click on the appointment to access all the client and payment data in seconds.

Efficient Staff Management

Create separate profiles for your staff, so they can log in, and manage their schedule and bookings. Access control and custom permissions are easily configured to make sure the staff don't access sensitive business information and settings.

Earn with Yottled's Business Growth Tools


Gift Cards

Create, manage, and sell gift cards. Accept payment by redeeming gift cards with ease. Sell gift cards on your website or create a personalized one to reward a customer. Everything is as smooth as butter.

Email Marketing Tools

Send newsletters, promotions, deals, upcoming events, and more with our drag-and-drop email campaign builder. Market your services, deals, last-minute availability, coupon codes, and more.

Promo and Discount Codes

Create promos, discount codes, and coupons on special occasions, festivals, or as a part of an ongoing promotion to accelerate sales, and retain customers.
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  • Effortless Migrations and Onboarding

    So, how to get started? Sip that cup of coffee while we handle all migrations for you without any manual work from your side. It takes us about 48 hours and then everything is migrated over - including upcoming appointments and customers. Onboarding, Migrations, and training are always free with Yottled's lash booking app. Reach out at and we'll take it from there.

Accepting Payments was Never Been Easier

Yottled's PoS software and machine accept all types of credit cards and debit cards. You can also accept payments via cash, bank cheque, Venmo, and any other way you need. Everything is integrated seamlessly with the lash tech booking site.


Virtual PoS

Let clients pay online by entering their payment card details at the time of booking an appointment. Accept a partial deposit or a full payment. Add tips at online checkout.

Point of Sale Terminal

Get a physical point of sale (PoS) machine with the latest NFC technology. It's wireless, has a touch screen, and takes payments smoothly with card tapping. Get it with a refundable deposit.

Yottled's Top-Notch Features

You'll get all these features for free with our software for beauty and wellness businesses.

Online appointment booking

Insightful CRM

Unlimited intake forms

Shareable booking links

Social media integration

Products & services add-ons

Email marketing tools

Payment integration

Custom reminders

Automated notifications

eGift cards creation

Coupon & discount codes generation

Custom roles & access control

Staff, rooms & resources scheduling

Automate recurring appointments

Store payment card on file

CRM for eye lash studios
  • CRM for Lash Studios

    Juggling to organize clients' information? Yottled's cloud-based CRM is easy to navigate and capable of storing unlimited client data automatically. Access clients’ demographic data, contact info, payment history, past appointments, add-ons, custom notes, uploaded documents, images and more instantly anytime from a mobile, computer, or tablet.

intake forms
  • Unlimited Contact Forms

    Create and send unlimited contact forms, surveys, reviews, and intake forms to your lash clients. Yottled's lash booking app automatically stores responses creating clients' digital profiles in the CRM. Access this information anytime you want to get better insights about your clients, their complaints, reviews, preferences, suggestions, and more in order to improve your business.

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Yottled Price Explainer

Sounds too good to be true but it's true! We will charge your clients a tiny convenience fee when your clientele makes a payment for your services. Businesses can use the entire software for free and your customers will bear the cost of the software.

Free for businesses. Forever. No hidden costs.

All features are included. Everything is unlimited.

Sign up for free. No credit card is required.

No contracts. No commitments.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.