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Online Appointment booking, digital calendar for scheduling, payment integration, CRM, and more. Yottled's free software for tarot card readers is equipped with 15+ industry-leading features.

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  • Scheduling and Online Booking

    Add your availability to Yottled's digital calendar. Block some minutes off before and after each session to make sure you have enough time to get prepared for the next tarot reading appointment. Clients will see all the available times online and self-schedule the appointment when it works best for them, and you. Our calendar syncs with Google calendar, so no more appointment conflicts.

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  • Multichannel Booking

    Get a complimentary appointment booking page on Yottled. No domain name and hosting are required. If you already have a website, we will help you create the entire booking page on your website itself. Easily create booking links and share them on social media, SMS, and emails to let clients book the tarot reading appointment instantly.

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  • Payment Integration

    Payment integration can be set up in minutes without any coding and technical requirements. Accept payment online or in-person using PoS. Yottled supports payment via credit/debit cards, cash, and bank checks. Get an option of transferring credit card processing fees to your customers' final bill and reduce the business expenses by 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction instantly. Yottled's tarot card software supports both, automated and manual invoices.

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  • Online Consultation & Training

    Yottled supports online tarot reading services and consultation, too. We easily merge with Zoom, and Google Meets. You can also organize a virtual tarot reading session using custom links of any other apps. Yottled is seamless. want to sell recorded tarot reading training sessions? We got you covered! We support video on demand (VOD), paid memberships, and the selling of recorded content.

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  • CRM for Tarot Readers

    Have clients' information at your fingertips. Request any information from clients that you need in your accurate tarot reading session. You can send unlimited customized intake forms. Yottled's CRM will store all the data on cloud by creating clients' digital profiles automatically. Access this information anytime you want along with clients' contact data, payment history, past appointments, and special personalized notes.

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100% Free Appointment Booking Software for Tarot Card Readers

Get the entire tarot appointment booking software for free. In return, we will charge $0.99 to your customers when they make a paid transaction. It's free for tarot card readers, forever. All features included.

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