Booking Software for Teeth Whitening Businesses

Yottled is a free booking and scheduling software for teeth whitening professionals and dentists. It includes automated appointment confirmation and reminders, CRM to store client data, and other 30+ features.

booking software for dental practitioners
 dental appointment reminder software
  • Online Appointment Booking

    Add your availability and let the clients self-schedule their appointment online with Yottled's booking software for teeth whitening professionals.

    Block some time off between two appointments to make sure you get enough time to do preparation for the next appointment.

    Create unlimited booking links and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, emails, and text messages for instant booking.

dental appointment reminder software
  • Appointment Confirmation and Reminders

    Get automated notifications by email and SMS as soon as someone books, reschedules, or cancels an appointment.

    The notifications contain time, patient details, the treatment they are expecting, payment status, and more.

    Reminders: You and the patients will get automatic reminders a day, hour, and any custom timeframe before the appointment via text messages and emails.

dental clinic appointment booking and reminder software
  • CRM for Data Storage

    Store unlimited client data with Yottled's CRM for dental practitioners and teeth whitening professionals.

    Our CRM stores client data such as

    • contact information

    • demographics ( age, gender, weight, allergies, etc.)

    • health issues

    • previous treatments

    • payment history

    • any other custom data you want.

    Your client data is 100% secured with us. We use the latest encryption standard. Access this data anytime without worrying about losing it.

    Data received via the intake form is automatically stored in the CRM with individual client profiles, reducing your admin staff's workload to a great extent.

wellness scheduling software
  • Scheduler

    Check out all the past + upcoming teeth whitening and dental appointments from a single dashboard. Reschedule with ease. Add walk-ins in the empty time slots in seconds. Yottled's scheduling software for dental professionals is simple to use and powerful to manage all your appointments efficiently.

payment integration
  • Seamless Payment Integretion

    No need to find any other software to accept payments for your dental and teeth whitening business. Integrate Yottled's payment facility on your booking page without any coding/technical expertise.

    Take full payment at the time of booking the appointment or charge a small non-refundable deposit and accept the rest of the payment on premises with the card, cash, digital wallet, or cheque.

    The point of sale (PoS) machine is also available on request.

Free Booking Software for Teeth Whitening and Dental Businesses

We will charge a small convenience fee to your patients when they book an appointment with you using Yottled. Dentists, hygienists, teeth whitening professionals and clinics can use the entire software for free, forever. All features are included. Everything is unlimited.

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More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.