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Yottled is an all-in-one sports management software with Virtual PoS and physical PoS. Increase conversion rate, reduce churn, and run your sports club with ease.

sports centre management software
payment software
  • Sports Club PoS

    Yottled's sports club PoS enables you to accept any form of payment including cash, check, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers. Accept payment online with Yottled's EPoS or through physical PoS at your front desk. Shift payment processing charges of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction to your customers and reduce business costs instantly. Payment integration can be set up in minutes without any coding and technical requirements.

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scheduling software
  • Employee Scheduling

    Manage and control all the trainers' schedules and bookings from a single powerful dashboard. Add your staff's availability (for group classes and 1:1 personal training), check out their bookings, assign tasks, generate bills and invoices, track sessions, and accept online payment from clients and pay to the trainers with ease.

    • Block some minutes before and after each session to make your employees have enough time to be prepared for the next class.

    • Manage unlimited coaches and trainers without any extra cost.

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free appointment booking software
  • Effortless Booking Experience

    Enable your sports club clients to book 24/7 on your website, social media, and emails with Yottled's powerful sports management software. Your clients can check out all the available classes/instructors and self-book online whenever it works best for them- and you. Set up your booking pages and integrate them on all the platforms in minutes with Yottled’s sports management software. Create unlimited booking links for instant bookings, registration, and membership purchases.

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simple and easy memberships
  • Sell Memberships

    Create and sell monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly memberships. Take advanced payment to reduce the risk of dropouts and no-shows. Yottled's sports club management software lets you auto-bill your clients at the time of membership renewal so you never have to chase payments again. The membership and package credits are automatically deducted, delighting you, and your clients.

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intake forms
  • Unlimited Forms

    Request any piece of information you need from your Sports club members. Place your custom forms on your website and, automatically send health forms, waivers, surveys, reviews request forms to clients. Send digital forms to the walk-ins. Every piece of data is saved digitally to the client profile - ensuring you and your staff are equipped to delight your clients.

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pilates studio booking software
  • Marketing Tools For Sports Clubs

    With Yottled’s sports center management software, get email marketing tools with beautiful drag-and drop templates. Add images, brand logo, and colors, that suit your brand. We also integrate with Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

    • Market your services, deals, last-minute availability, coupon codes, and more.

    • Include schedules and booking links in your campaigns and let clients book directly from emails and social media.

    • Get 2x increase in click-through rates, means more bookings, more conversions, and more revenue.

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"You Grow, We Grow" Pricing Model

We will charge a tiny convenience fee of $0.99 to your clients when they make a paid transaction. Gyms and fitness businesses can use the entire fitness scheduling software with CRM for 100% free, forever. All features are included.

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