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Manage your fitness business with a breeze. Yottled has 30+ business management amenities bundled in one powerful software. The cherry on top: Yottled is 100% free for fitness instructors, gyms, and yoga studios.

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Business Management Tools for Fitness Industry

No more tedious repetitive administrative tasks. Experience the power of automation with Yottled. Manage the business smoothly and efficiently.

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  • Seamless Online Booking

    Add your and staff's availability and let clients self-schedule their 1:1 or group training appointments online from the available time slots without back-and-forth phone calls, emails, and DMs. Add unlimited staff, yoga instructors, and fitness coaches without any additional expenses.

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  • Class Registration

    Create registration forms for group events, fitness classes, and yoga sessions and let clients register themselves online quickly. Take full payment upfront or partial deposits. Integrate payment facility on the registration form itself.

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  • Payment Management

    Payment integration can be set up in seconds, without any coding or technical requirements. Track paid, unpaid, and partially paid orders with ease.

    Want to accept on-premises? Physical PoS device with the latest NFC technology is also available on request with a refundable deposit.

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  • Sell Memberships

    Creating custom packages and memberships has never been easier for your fitness and yoga studio. create weekly, monthly, and yearly memberships in minutes. Store credit cards on file for auto-renewals.

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  • Easy Scheduling

    Check out all the upcoming and past appointments, events, classes, and 1:1 sessions from your dashboard. Know the attendees' information and payment status with one click. Reschedule ease.

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  • Unlimited Forms

    Request any piece of information you need from your yoga studio and fitness class clients.

    • Place custom forms on your website,

    • attach them to the booking and registration page,

    • send them via email, or

    • embed forms on social media.

    Yottled automatically creates clients' digital profiles on CRM and stores every piece of data on those profiles. Access clients' data at your fingertips anytime you need.

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Payment Processing Fees Elimination

Yottled gives you the option to eliminate credit card and payment processing fees by transferring them to your customers' final bills and instantly increase the profits by approx. 3%.

Instant Bookings

Clients can book your classes or register for events directly, without creating an account or going through the registration process. Yottled's "Instant Bookings" features reduce the page dropout rate dramatically.

No-Shows Protection

Clients get automatic reminders a day and an hour before the class, session, and event to make sure everyone is in sync. Charge a non-refundable deposit to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Customer Loyalty Tools

Yottled also enables you to create gift cards, promo codes, coupons, and discount codes. Delight your customers with the deals they can't resist and trigger more sales.

100% Free Fitness and Yoga Software

Your customers will pay a small convenience fee at the check-out while you can use the entire software for 100% free. All features are included. Everything is unlimited. Forever.

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