The Best CRM for Therapists

Experience the power of automation with Yottled's CRM for therapists. It is super easy to use and highly efficient. Equipped with 30+ amenities, the CRM will boost your business growth and help you to manage everything with a breeze.

free CRM for therapists
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  • CRM for All Therapists

    • Massage therapists

    • Wellness therapists

    • Mental health therapists

    • physiotherapists

    • Spiritual healers

    • Counselors

    Yottled's CRM works efficiently for all types of therapists. From appointment booking to client data storage, Yottled got you covered.

crm for therapists
  • Unlimited Data Storage

    Create your clients' digital profiles and upload unlimited documents, images, and files. Yottled’s salon CRM is built on a 100% secure cloud platform with the latest encryption standards. Access all the customers’ data anytime you want without worrying about getting it destroyed, misplace, or deleted.

    • Responses to the digital intake forms, 

    • Payment history, 

    • Upcoming and past appointments, 

    • Custom notes, SOAP notes, and documents,

    • Attended events, 

    • Contact information,

    • Cancellations, and more.

client relationship management
  • Power of Automation

    As soon as someone schedules an appointment with you, Yottled's CRM for therapists automatically creates their digital profile and stores all the information such as appointment date, time, venue, patient contact info, and answers to the intake form. You can further add more details and custom notes to these profiles. Have patients' details at your fingertips at every appointment.

free appointment booking software
  • Streamline Appointment Booking

    List down your availability and let clients self-schedule their appointments at the time that works best for them and you. No more back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and DMs. Reduce admin work by at least 40%. Block personal time off, add temporary availability, and reserve some time between two appointments to make sure you get sufficient time to get prepare for your next client.

wellness scheduling software
  • Digital Calender

    Get an insightful digital calendar with Yottled's CRM for therapists. Track all the upcoming appointments all the upcoming and past appointments, staff availability, payment status, and cancellations from your dashboard. Reschedule and manage walk-ins with ease.

dental appointment reminder software
  • Automated Appointment Confirmation & Reminders

    You and your clients get automatic notifications in email and text messages about new appointment bookings, modifications, rescheduling, and cancellations. Yottled's powerful CRM software for therapists sends automatic reminders to clients and staff a day and an hour before the appointment via email and text messages, so everyone is in sync.

Business Growth Tools

Shareable Booking Links

Create unlimited booking links and share them in text messages, WhatsApp, email, social media, chatting groups, or anywhere you want for instant bookings.

Email Marketing Tools

Send newsletters, promotions, deals, upcoming events, and more with our drag-and-drop email campaign builder. Market your services, deals, last-minute availability, coupon codes, and more.

Gift Cards

Create, manage, and sell gift cards. Accept payment by redeeming gift cards with ease. Create personalized gift cards on special occasions.

Coupon and Promo Codes

Create special coupons, discount codes, and promos for attracting more customers, gaining customer loyalty and retaining them.

Don't settle for less. Yottled has 30+ excellent features for your business.

Unlimited usage. All features are included with the free plan.

Online appointment booking

A personalized booking page

Email and text notifications

Automated invoices and billing

Point of sale (PoS)

Waivers creation

SOAP notes

Gift cards

Payment integration

Digital scheduler

Custom intake forms

Tip collection

Cancellation and refund terms creation

Email marketing tools and templates

Coupons, promos and discount codes generation

Reports for payroll and commission

100% Free CRM for Therapists

Yottled charges small convenience fees to your clients/patients when they make a payment for your appointment. The therapists don't need to pay anything. Use Yottled's every feature for free along with the CRM. No monthly subscription. No additional charges for extra usage. Everything-Free-Forever.

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More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.