Lash Business Marketing & Promotion Ideas | 7 Proven Tips

lash business marketing tips

Want to expand your lash extension business? Here are some ready-to-use lash marketing tips and resources to start with

Lash extension business is estimated to reach $2.31 Billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of 6.95%. If you have a passion for the eyebrow and lash business, you can take it to the sky. Previously, we have covered How to start your own lash business and How to build a professional website for a lash business. In this article, we have included some proven ideas for lash business marketing to get more customers. We have also provided links to the resources that you can instantly use. 

What is Yottled? Yottled is an all-in-one software for the eyebrow and lashes extension business. It’s 100% free for businesses.

1. Create a Loyalty Program

Create a reward points system for each eyebrow and lash salon service the client uses.

For example,

  • 50 points for an eyelash extension.
  • 20 points on every $20 spent.
  • 30 points for each eyebrow threading.

Then, build a loyalty program where customers get rewarded for collecting those points. 

For example,

  • 1 free brow & lash tinting when you redeem 200 points.
  • 1 lash lift free session for 100 reward points.

Such loyalty programs will help you gain repeat customers, and increase recurring revenue.

How: LoyalZoo is one of the top loyalty program tools for lash business marketing. It sends reward points to customers’ email addresses and text messages. They also send reminders and notifications if the points are getting expired, so that customers get encouraged to make a purchase. Cost: It has a free trial for 7 days and then $47/month.

We are not going to give you cliche advice like “use social media for lash marketing”. We know you are already there! But what lash business owners don’t know is how to make a buying journey smooth from social media to your services. 

Add direct appointment booking links in the social media posts themselves. Whenever someone likes the posts of your incredible work and wants to get the same lash/brow services, make that path instant by inserting booking links in the description of the post. 

How: Use Yottled to schedule appointments and create instant booking links. It’s 100% free for lash extension businesses. 

3. Start Referral/Affiliate Program

Referral programs are the best way to boost word-of-mouth publicity for your lash extension business. Give freebies or create attractive offers for referral programs.

For example, 

  • “Flat 20% off on your next purchase, flat 20% off on your referral’s first purchase”, 
  • “Free 2 eyebrow threading sessions when you refer a friend,”. 

How: Use tools like to generate random referral codes for free. You must keep track of these codes in CRM with the customer’s profile to keep everything organized. 

4. Use Free Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is a way more powerful tool for a lash business than you imagine! Use it professionally. Instead of sending dull sales emails, use beautiful templates in your emails. Add images of your customers, share news and latest trends, attach customers’ reviews, and most important, include booking links in the emails themselves for instant appointment booking. 

If you have a CRM, you can study your customers’ purchase behaviour, craft customized deals and discounts, and send them in emails. For example, if a customer used a discount coupon in past, create another discount coupon after some time and send them by email.  

How: Use Yottled. It’s 100% free and has beautiful drag-and-drop templates for email marketing campaigns. It also has inbuilt CRM to make your eyebrow salon’s marketing even more insightful. 

5. Sell Gift Cards 

People spend $845.39 billion per year on gift cards globally. It is a huge market, especially in the beauty and wellness industry. A gift voucher is one of the best ways to get more customers for eyebrow and lash extension business 2022. Plus, it is observed that to redeem the entire gift card amount, people tend to overspend and pay the rest of the amount from their pockets. Gift cards will not only provide you with more business but also help you in getting popular among the new set of customers i.e. gift card recipients. Make sure your business offers gift cards to strive in the competition.

How: Use free gift card generator programs like Yottled. You can easily create, sell, and redeem gift cards of various monetary values for your lash business. 

6. Create a Google Profile ( For Free)

How do people search for a new product or service in this era? Internet! To appear in the top results when someone searches for “eyebrow salon near me”, or “lash extension salon near me”, you can do SEO, which is a long and expensive game. Pay for per-click in Google’s PPC campaigns, which is again a very costly option. But there is a free option you can instantly use. i.e. list your business on Google

  • Go to the Google business page
  • Fill in your business name, address, phone number, timings, images, and videos.
  • And you’re done! It’s fast, easy, and free.

Your eyelash business’s name will appear in the list as shown in the below example.

salon marketing tools

You can also ask customers to leave reviews on your Google business profile. People can ask questions there under the Q&A section, too.

7. Create Meaningful Local Partnerships

Headhunt your local area and find out salons and spas which are not offering (and plan to offer) lash extension services. Create a partnership that is mutually beneficial to both of you. For example, if they refer your lash services to their existing customers, you’ll give them some % of the commission and a discount to such referred customers. And they will do the same for you. You can refer to their services, which you’re not providing, for example, facial, massage, haircutting, etc. and get a commission from them. This lash promotion idea will help you generate more income along with getting new customers. 

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